Demystifying Love.


The reason why romance & rom-com writers, movie-makers, poets and playwrights are celebrating worldwide all of a sudden is that people nowadays are so easily led away by their desires, inspirations, beliefs and inhibitions that every other person they fancy, they love. And get their heartbroken or someone else’s and give fodder to emotionalists, creative folk, musicians (largest market), writers and media people who are happy to console these lovelorn damsels and miserable Romeos (oh, the cliché) with whatever they can offer. And guess what, they buy it and I blame nobody, here. Because there is nobody to blame as Love is now a general term that can either be a dream, a want, a myth, denial, deception, a pastime, a career, an obsession, a haunting…whatever one’s mind moulds it into.


Where are the good old days when I read about love…the tender feeling the boy experienced when shiuli flowers reminded him of his late mother, or the Father took the kids to the fair so the Mother could have her me time on Mother’s Day; when the Mother chooses her child over herself during childbirth, when Elizabeth and Mr Darcy ran miles through fields to see each other and confess their suffering upon staying separated; when Grandmothers pickle mangoes and make sweets awaiting their grandchildren’s visit; when the brother runs up a hill to buy a pair of shoes for his sister… I can probably go on.

But Love, nowadays, is all about pain and pleasure and that saddens the likes of us who want to surround our younger siblings and children with the images of love from Ruskin Bond’s stories and Tagore’s poetry. And not drunk-all-sacrificing loners singing songs to a lover he won’t accept and other stories that twist the very basic essence of the magical emotion (in reference to a recent movie).

Then again there are people who give Love a new meaning… John Legend’s All of Me, BeeGees, Poets of the Fall… so, there is hope.

People need to start thinking of Love as something you feel and express…and not something you desire or expect from another. Being selfless and feeling happy throughout, is loving. Not an ounce of pain, hesitation, conditions, fear or doubt. That’s love. When my father loses his night’s sleep every weekend (that’s the only proper sleep his office allows him) to travel to my hometown to see my sister and Mother… and when my Mother takes the first bus to my College-town to fix my smile… when my sister remembers little details of my endless cander, or my friend immediately responds to my strange tweets with a phone call, when an uncle of mine would miss an entire vacation because there was nobody to leave his pet with… and when I remember my Grandmother’s words, wit and life, fondly…and wish I could go back home to see my Grandpa and play with my cousins… or when I see my old Professor, Nanjudappa Sir in the corridor and it lights up my day, when my Mother climbs a complete hill (Thirumalai, Tirupati) as a token of gratitude to Lord Balaji and for the family’s well-being …that’s love.

It cannot be defined because it has countless definitions and is limitless.

And that is how it’s meant to be.

Do not limit its beauty with ties that are mere phases in your life, a process of self-understanding or a mistake/ misconception.

And count your blessings by valuing who and what you already love. More importantly, who love you. You gravitate people with what you feel with yourself. And true love always keeps you happy and so you bring happier experiences and loving people into your life. Its that simple.

Its alright to experiment, get committed or fancying another. But do not make it the axis of your life and lose direction if it does not work out.

Because, remember, you fancy someone at first sight, but love happens when you have gratifying experiences that define the very course you life takes. And you still maintain stability and everyday you wake up, it’s the first thing you’re grateful for.


That is all. Know that gratitude is also a form of expressing love.


I don’t want to…

I don’t want to be One of your best friends; One of the nicest people you’ve met; One of the sweetest; One of the people you love to death… I’m either The One or I don’t want to be it. Because only ‘it’ matters.

Hope from Another


Its just when I lose hope
That I see words written
by people so deep
and gifted, in their thought.

It makes me happy,
it gives me the strength
to battle the hurdles
that life throws at us.

To know that you’re
not alone with thoughts
that haunt the very depths
and recesses of your soul.

To know that you can
speak to another assured
that they Understand
your predicament.

That’s comraderie of thw
Finest kind in this Life.
An honor to walk amidst
such people, has been
Bestowed upon me :)

Thank You Nitesh Mohanty , Neel Joshi, Zoyeb Batliwala, Prajakta Pande, Ihsan ( @iithinks)  for your words of inspiration and all the hope you give me. Baskets of Love !

love always,



The bright lights don’t matter
the hustle and bustle fades away
Concerns of the world disappear
When I return to my haunt.

Darkness captures my interest
and memories drown me
in them, with their tendrils
clutching my imagination.

I open my laptop trying
to find something to
bring me back to Happiness
A movie. Or a story.

Something that holds
a piece of my interest.
To remind me of what
makes me happy.

And then I see them.
Those who Know
and their searching eyes
as they Think like I do.

Of things which may or
may not exist at all.
But dance before my
eyes nevertheless.

Unrest is all we know
it keeps hacking at us
whenever we lay our
head down, to rest.

Its like a blob of
oil paint as it mixes into
a bowl of clear water,
my conscience.

It spirals out from
a tiny drop, slowly
spreading its immiscible
self evenly over Mine.

And soon I cannot help
but look from below,
through the water which
is covered by coloured film.

Clear skies now have a tinge
and mundane scripts now
have a Presence in them
that glows like a hologram.

Im the fish at the bottom
of the bowl of water,
the panorama is clear
but the skies are imprinted.

This difference is unique to me
and some others who have
given up the frivolity of existence
and decided to dive within.

And I learn through it,
I reflect upon
For what, I know naught
I continue, nevertheless.

Life is a tight-rope walk
Balancing the reality
and this hightened
consciousness in me.

Delusion or boon
thats the mystery
I shall have to let Time
solve, for me; my sanity.

love always,



We are absloute opposites
And this is no overstatement.
While she solves math aplenty
I write poems in her books.

While she prefers sleeping
I create a Hoolaballoo in
the house allowing her
not a wink of slumber.

While she listens to
conversations, silently.
I Am the Excessive Talker
Making her ears bleed.

She’s poise and reserved
with elegant gestures
While Im the hooligan who
just discovered sanity.

Though we hve different opinions
and live so far apart
not a person I love more
than that angel, back home.

Coz she knows my deepest
fears and craziest habits.
She’s seen me hyper
and dead at rockbottom.

And yet her love and respect
for me has never vained a bit.
And my heart grows fonder
of her, everyday.

God gives these lil sisters
to a chosen few barbarians
like myself, to love and protect
and learn from :)

To Rhea, my darling sister, without you, I’m but a drum without the beat! I love you mostest, you genius. Thank you for keeping me sane and listening to all my dreams and delusions every singleday


love always,

Poems and Rants


Yes, I write poetry,
and sometimes sleep off
to avoid awkward interaction
when my mood takes a plunge.

I write self-messages on paper
and stick them on my walls
so they remind me to smile
whenver I’ve stumbled.

Yes I dream to have inexhaustible
balance on my flipkart account
so I can buy Lang Leav and Ruskin Bond
without thinking twice.

And I have two mugs of coffee
On Sunday mornings not to
awaken myself but Just
because I love the taste.

I like staying up at night
thinking about things
that I may forget the
next morning, nonetheless.

I love colour fine-liners
And I hate the fact that
I need to buy the whole pack
even if one gets over.

I’ve noticed we run out
of money and even energy
but that barrage of tears
is ever-ready for use.

I think people should
not be judged when the
speak their mind out,
at least somene does.

Glow in the dark stickers
and rain splattering on my
window, headlights, nightsky
keep me from sleep.

Raw mango, squash and crushes,
Ice lollies, water fights
and children running around in
undies is Summer.

And freedom is love.
You cant restrain it.
You can’t instigate it
You can only feel it.

love always,

Of Dreamers and Denken


Its the wee hour
that neither belongs to Day
Nor the dreamy nights
but is sandwiched in-between.

This is the hour
when a barrage of thoughts
gets loosened into
this blue head of mine.

Denken, that’s thinking,
is the only thing I can do
Despite the knowledge that
overthinking ruins all.

Hours go by as I
sit cross-legged in my
armchair, lost deep in
my thoughts and dreams.

That is, until Dawn
knocks at my window
waking me up from
my once endless reverie.

No matter how deep
you get lost, in thought
Reality always finds
a way to get back to you.

So, my dear dreamer
fret not of getting lost.
Time will always
guide you back.

love always,