Everything changes, when realisation sets in


Its always easier to go with the ‘flow’ … doing what other’s do, liking what others like (despite it being far from your taste) … listening to what everyone else has to say,both before you and behind your back. Hurt and the desire for being socially accepted, forces you to allow them to mould your persona according to them. And this cages your soul. And you suffocate. You wish to reach out for help.

But then again, who is really there for you?

If you have a soul who cares for you unconditionally, then blessed you are. But what if you’re a little lonely. What if you have no one to talk to every night, before you sleep…to talk about how you narrowly escaped getting hit by a bus or how you aced a certain test or how you created the most beautiful design ? Someone who’s words matter to you. Someone who’s experiences make you wonder, who’s incidents interest you… someone you want to give your time and concern to? Someone who’d know you are upset by a simple hesitation in your voice. Someone who’d come to your aid at your beck and call? Someone who simply exists in coherence with you despite a difference in your opinions, at times. That’s alright.


But if you only yearn for such a company… putting all your hopes on a person who doesn’t reciprocate your affections. Then, dear you, you need to get over it. If its not working out, don’t push so hard. Let it be. What is meant to be, will be. Or otherwise.

Do not “search” for courage and hope. Its within you. I know it sounds rather open ended.

But trust me, another person’s presence in your life is just a warm blanket wrapping yourbody on acold night. But the heat generated is all yours.

That’s the simplest way I can explain the quote :

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage” – Lao Tzu


A lovely quote that makes you feel lonely but hey there… fret not. Like SHM says, The Heaven’s Got A Plan For You !

You’re made of stronger stuff than you can imagine.

The path may seem rough, the decisions hard to make and even more tiresome to follow up. But you have to give it your best paying no heed to distractions.

You have trustworthy friends, Golden parents, loving siblings… all of whom can help you be strong. I understand they leave and return from time to time as they have occupations of their own but … they are there for you…they have your back. They help you everytime you fall…no matter how hard or how deep. The love is ever flowing. The concern is endless.

So until that Someone who can be your blanket on cold nights enters your life (and probably sing Jason Mraz and Coldplay to you)… you better value those who comfort you, already and make hay while the sun shines. Oppurtunities are to grab.


Do not worry if the people outside don’t accept you or jeer at your behavior. Value those who do accept you whole heartedly with all your flaws and perfections. Those who hurt your emotions, do not matter.Remember, only fools hide their lack of smartness by rudeness πŸ™‚

So forgive them , instead of trying to be like them. Go with the flow but be ready to swim outta the rough waters, if you have to. You are not entitled to any prempted life story. You write your own.

Hope this helps those who read it. Helped me, while I wrote it.
Honestly I love everyone I can πŸ™‚ And Im glad you paid a visit to this post. Hope you gained.

Arrividerci :’)


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