Breathe Free


A poem I just wrote for those who need to know that life has much more to it than what they se. And wondering about others n drawing conclusions should be your last priority. Thank you.

I know naught ,
What you talk bout
Or what you believe
is perfect.

All I know
Is Im Lost
Between the Lines
Of your definitions.

You pretend to be
On top of the world
Trying to lead
The flock around you.

You see everything
Except the bigger picture.
I pity your
Faithful Foolhardiness.

All I hope
Is that you are freed
From your facade
To see the reality.

Stop judging people
According to the delusions
That you reside with
Believing in your perfection.

Everybody have lives
With their own
Bundles and burdens that
They cant escape from.

So let them be.
And stop wondering bout others
When your own life
Is turning into rubble.

We have one life
To live and to love.
So breathe free
And let them be 🙂


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