I don’t want love, sympathy, Disneyland or Vero Moda tops. I don’t want to drive a Bentley or sip lattes at Starbucks. Right now, I want to go home. This is what I need.

Sometimes you enter the wrong frame on a wall and you can’t help but peek into others. A comment by a Senior Architect Satyaprakash on my sketch of the Kingdom of Poseidon has got me thinking about it…
“Are you peeking into the Kingdom of Poseidon? Create your own 🙂 “

When you’re stuck outside your dream, you feel lost even if the compass is within your grasp.

Its time to get the clockworks to function again, grease them up for the smooth action. Time to put away useless stuff and look for the memories and objectives that got lost in the ratrace to nothingness.

Do what you’re passionate about. Do it the way you like. And see what happens. We are all duty bound. But we need to see the bigger picture. Cant be stuck up in the same reel.

Forgive yourself, dear one. Start with that. Reconcile your feelings with your actions. Get real.

Make it happen 🙂

Arrividerci  :’)


2 thoughts on “Homesick”

  1. Beautiful post ,dreams are made reality with hard work .I commend you for your thoughts.Thank you for following my blog. Wishing you success,jalal


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