The Hostel TV Jhanjhat


Three hundred and twenty girls in one College Hostel of which at least seventy of them have regular TV shows ranging from regional soap dramas (in languages ranging from Telugu to Bengali); the reality game programs that make us the MTV Generation; music videos of our favorite artists; the Nat Geo Documentaries; Movies and the more in-demand English TV Series (read Comedy Central) et all, to watch. But for a plethora of reasons we miss out on these programs. College life is such. Moreover, all prime time serials air on the same time indifferent channels. Dinner time was is always a war between locala wanting to watch Kannada series while the rest of us just want to chill with breezy music on VH1. This continues until warden switches of the TV and walks away. There goes our entertainment out of the window.

Then come the binges. Saturday nights : you’ve been working on this certain project for so long that its already past curfew and you cannot go out anymore. This is when you want to binge watch movies or catch up on TV Series but you know that you’ll have to battle at least a dozen girls watching reality TV to watch your favorite Comedy Central prgram. It’s my fix, really. The best way to end a crazy day is to watch some TV series if nothing else. And its almost upsetting when you can’t do that. You miss home all over again. From fighting for the remote with three others I’ve graduated to fighting against a battalion. Soon you miss enough episodes to stop caring. And the entire serial turns into forum discussions on a website or Facebook Memes. 

And what about missing your Mother Tongue? I can almost feel waves of happiness run through me when someone puts on the Sun Music channel and Dhanush appears in all his glory dancing to a fast-paced Koothu song or when I see glimpses of Pattimandram  on Sunday morning as people channel surf. I’m almost transported to my home where my Grandpa would be watching Kalyana Malai, Pattimandram and the Weekend special Movie on Sun TV. Its a ritual to watch these shows on Monday and then Sun Singer at night. Also, Neeya Nana on Vijay TV. What I would give to get these shows here.

But now there’s a solution in the Horizon. And its better than just recording the episode on your Tata Sky and waiting your turn to watch it. Now you can record the episode and TRANSFER it to your mobile-device and watch it at our leisure , wherever you want. A much smarter approach than staying stuck before the television. I can now carry Citizen Khan and watch it as I walk on the treadmill; enjoy VH1 Classics while travelling from my College Town, Tumkur to Bengaluru which is like a 2 to 3 hours journey. Also, I can watch my Game of Thrones even if I miss that special episode before the spoilers get to me. Whats more? No more sacrificing sleep for those crazy matches that always seem to take place during exam times. Also, I dont have to sit hours together to watch say, the Academy Awards at 6AM. I can always watch the rest after class. The new Transfer feature now lets you record your shows AND have them stored on your iPads, phones and other devices so you can catch them at your convenience anywhere. A restriction free life with no boundaries. Carry your entertainment with you – latest at that, too. All you need is this quick upgrade to the #TATASky+Transfer  

Season premieres, blockbusters and Music Videos can all fit in your bags while you commute, transit or fly. Technology that moves with you and moves you.

I can now comfortably watch my Citizen Khan anytime and laugh my lungs out. If you haven’t see it, yet, check it out. Its a very funny take on a Pakistani family settled in the UK living their life that’s a hybrid of their own culture and beliefs amalgamated with the British Culture. Add to it an Eccentric Community Leader who is also a crude Business man with a crazier Family and you have entertainment at its best.

Entertainment keeps us college folk going despite the crazy submissions and what-not. 


2 thoughts on “The Hostel TV Jhanjhat”

  1. It was good post, loved it when you mentioned the spur of emotions when you get to watch your mother-tongue,though I’ma kannadiga I enjoy watching all regional channels and movies:)Yes your mobile,your wish..that’s how entertainment is supposed to be along with some like-minded people around to chat and laugh together:)


  2. Nicely weaved Shreya. Watching our favourite show amidst a diverse crowd is a huge challenge, yet enjoyable. Loved and also enjoyed your post and my best wishes for the contest.


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