Saucepan Weavers

Yesterday was beyond tiring. There was no sleep-requisite so I felt like I was living on Battery-saver mode (sans coffee or even breakfast until 10AM) with three submissions and an exam in my schedule. Early morning efforts to read up helped me through the exam and the submissions were all in the clouds. One was still an abstract collage in my head and the the others were in various stages of completion.

I felt like a saucepan in which somebody was stir-frying vegetables. All these colours and ideas. The crackling noise. And the uncooked-ness of undergraduate life. The longing to be part of a platter but finding no sauce to go with. I think I my found the right pickle but there is no saying how it will taste later. Plus reading pessimistic views of Woody Allen in the morning doesn’t help, either. There was all this and more work.

We find it very easy to dramatize our life with workload, busy schedules and the lack of social-life. But we are constantly engaged in some sort of media. Has the idea of social changed so much and its our 90’s kid inertia?

Anyway, there are exciting things coming up in life and I need to be prepared for them.

So anyway.

After the announcement that submissions were postponed, we all felt like we were made of Helium. We just relaxed after a taxing weekend. Whenever anyone calls or text, I’m like…working. And they feel like all this work is taking my life. When actually even though we are working, we’re doing it with classmates. So its actually not that unsocial only the crowd remains stagnant. No new faces. nothing. I even get my teammates in my dreams. Its infiltrated that deep, yes.

But in the evening, I just let my hair down. Got that light lipstick in place. Took a break from the loop. I had some work with my laptop and I decided to get that done so I can stop complaining.

And in the process of getting my RAM upgraded, I overheard a conversation – like people do when they’re alone in a crowd. Bound to happen, yes? I could hardly make head or tail of it but my mind began weaving its own interpretation of the tid-bits. And it went on until I realised how far I’d gone with the story which had no basis except the two people beside me.

And this happens a lot. My mind fills in the blanks and crevices to weave its own tales to suffice the curiosity. And the speed and details of it, though frightening are very interesting. And its happened quite a bit.

So, anyway, such experiences happen to you, too?


3 thoughts on “Saucepan Weavers”

  1. This happens with everyone..
    I remember my Archie life when I gone through this post.. I will look like a wandering soul after my tough submissions with a blank brain & dumb face.. But still.. That’s all some awesome memories I have.. 🙂

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  2. Oh It certainly happens especially with me as I don’t have a cell-phone and there is no pretending to get lost in a never ending loop of candy-crush saga !Hence there a muliple times when I sit alone(alone not lonely) waiting for my friends to turn up,then I hear conversations involuntarily and then I also do make-overs..ahh if she had fringes instead of that oily slopy scalp,she’d look a damsel ..yeah many times:)


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