One Mind, Many Dreams.

Warning : Reading this may upset people I know personally and who may have said things that I quote so please be kind and use discretion. I love you all, anyway.

I know people, like my best-friend from school, P who did his engineering while I did Architecture – he got a job like everyone else while I still did Architecture because its a longer course (and is still not over – for those who think I’m chilling in Chennai). He just knows he wants to work for the forces. He left his corporate job and is preparing for SSB. I recently (read, July) had the opportunity to act in a Short Play (Short + Sweet, Chennai, 2016 ) and this was, by chance – because I went against my usual habit of ignoring messages and actually replied to a friend who was the director of the play.  Okay, coming to the point, I got a chance to meet other actors, writers and directors. To us, the lay-folk who only enjoy cinema and read gossip blurbs or the Times of India – actors just happen to be and earn big bucks and splurge it on controversies that we can use as ice-breakers at work. But the truth is, getting a job as an actor for a somebody is really tough in a country where every third person wants to be one (Okay, you knew this). I think you can become a politician, more easily, if you’re erudite and tactical enough. SO – I met all these people who just KNOW that they want to be an actor – regardless of where they are right now – they’ve left jobs, homes and families for this. Every text, every expression, every meeting – they only talk about their passion and I’m left aghast. Like, ‘sapne mein aaya kya tere?” (did it occur to you in a dream?). It probably did.

Such crystal dreams don’t occur to me. I’m usually in morbid situations in dreams- running around with people I may/may not know in strange set-ups that may/may not exist.

Every month – I have a new ambition. I get influenced by movies, books, people, magazine articles and of course, social media. Its not easy. They say – trust in the magic of beginnings. I do – but then it fizzles out. And something new takes it place. Its not easy – when you’re pursuing a degree; want independence; super-fast WiFi; good food; social life; a job which feels like a holiday; security – it just doesn’t all materialize in one night on a platter – much like how we’d like it to. Some people just get stuck in the grind of everyday mundane jobs to support themselves and a family. Or run behind their passion – a train they may/may not catch. Or live in the delusion: ‘Aayega – Don aayega”.

Don gaya tel lene.

No parent/well-wisher/aunty/uncle-ji who owns a shop/dhobi-wallah/already-established-friend/Data-scientist-cousin-in-the-US  likes it when you tell them you want to become a Screen-writer or Casting Director – Art Manager – Art Director – Critic – Media Producer – Shift to another city – Get a flat- Buy a dog- etc:-

“Does it even pay well? What – I’ve never heard of it. Its just tricks – to scam your generation into doing odd-jobs no one else wants to do. Are you crazy? Interns are unpaid labor – even the dhobiwallah knows that. Pune? Tomorrow you’ll go to New York also. Pehle na you lose weight and leave that Facebook wagera. Some Hunky Dory became a screenwriter – doesn’t mean ki you’ll become one, too. Please keep your room clean, first. And what about the five years you spent cutting cardboard to become an Architect (or whatever you studied)? Who’ll pay for rent? Accha, leave all this blogging about movies which some other person made and share serious views on your blog. Get married before 25 – movie mein dekha na – that actor also said that only. Kya? How many degrees do you want? PINK dekha PINK? Yahi hota hai  outside world mein – go, go get your flat ab. Accha jao – sab karlo – Director bhi ban jao. Artist bhi ban jao. Go ask your Michel Gondry’s mother if he spoke to her in this tone, ever. Remember Ankita? She’s working in that advertising company – she’s getting married in November. You’re still sending in CV’s to these funny companies. What do you want to do with the rest of your existence? Ja, main nai poochti.


You got my point. And its all in our best interest. No parent wants their kid lying broke in some dingy corner smoking cheap cigarettes regretting why they didn’t take up that Accenture wala job. Neither do they want you as an added attachment to the house (unless of course you’re a boy, in our patriarchal country). And I agree with them. This is not a rant as much as it looks like one.

Its a dilemma that I realized, more recently, a lot of us are facing but because we want to maintain the status-quo of being happy – we don’t share it. We just write poetry because its a hobby. We don’t tell people that it gives us more pleasure doing than data-entry because poetry doesn’t pay – unless of course you write something that goes viral on scoopwhoop. No one writes Facebook statuses about how they fought with someone who thinks their dreams are worth nothing. No one tells you how much it hurts to lose a job because you could’t focus on your work. No one tells you how bloody scared they are about life, itself. We blame our social status, lack of money, parental pressure, etc – and continue doing what we do best – nothing.

But all that is when you have some tinkering clue about what you really want to be. Thomas Zacharias (okay, I not-secretly have a crush on him and he Instagrams as @cheftzac) knew he wanted to be a Chef. Though it looks like he’s always smiling as he grills salmons and posts pictures about inspiring local cuisine – it took him a hell load of effort to become the Executive Chef of the Bombay Canteen (believe it or not, one of the many reasons for me to want to work in Pune is so that I can go to Mumbai to see this place designed by a firm called The Busride – where I will work, one day.). A snippet of that effort (posted with permission aka DM that he may/may not read, on Instagram) :

On the contrary, another person I got introduced to, thanks to all the weird research I do – is Shanoo Sharma (@shanoozeing on twitter) who is the Casting Head at YRF Films. And she didn’t just land up this job in one year or even two. She has the experience of working as a hair-stylist, bartender, waitress, singer – and pretty much everything she wanted to try. She has no degree to her name and at one (or many) point was tagged by well-wishers as someone who could not stay in one job for more than a year. And look where all that has lead her to. She now gives actors their breaks. She calls her job a holiday and has the authority to work from where she wants, when she wants. She does a job she’s obsessed with and this didn’t occur to her in a dream. She is India’s top Casting Director. Ranveer Singh, Parneeti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt – and many more happened because she thought they could happen. And her story which I read is here .

Closer home, in Chennai, someone I actually know did something out of his dreams. Shyam Renganathan just gave his first TEDx talk in VIT, Vellore – and why? Because he didn’t just sit around moping (okay maybe he may have done that at one point) – when he believed that he could be funny. He didn’t want that engineering life – he stood against joining a B.E course and went ahead to do what he loves doing – he’s now a Standup Comic, RJ, Web Series (Black Sheep)  Actor and I don’t know what more he will do. It was definitely not easy – or fun, when he decided to take a step back and change course. But he made it. Its not an easy world for dreamers but then again, people make it.

And these are just some examples that I’ve stumbled upon. Okay, let’s take Sushant Singh Rajput – for those who are living under a rock / From another country  – he’s a Bollywood actor who recently acted as M.S Dhoni in his biopic. Besides that, he has starred as Byomkesh Bakshi and as a lead character in Kai Po Che, the movie based on Chetan Bhagat’s Three Mistakes of My Life. He didn’t become an actor bas aise hi kyunki sapna aaya. He was first an AIEEE Topper with AIR 7 – then a student in DTU – a dancer in Shiamak Davar’s Dance troupe – a theatre artist with Ekjute – an actor in Hindi Serials – and finally, an actor. This journey was a long and strenuous one. I haven’t interviewed him but I sure as hell know that he didn’t know he’ll be acting as M.S Dhoni in the year 2016 – when he was giving his AIEEE. Not everyone knows for sure. And you know what, its okay.

You can thank me later.

I say this to myself whenever I get a new idea – that’s daunting – that makes me look jittery and unsure – which I agree I am. But what’s wrong in that? I’m afraid that I don’t know. But at least, I accept that I don’t know and I’m trying to know. I’m giving my everything – I’m working hard and looking at prospects- I’m applying to places which resonate my beliefs, somewhat. I’m looking at originality in a field dominated by trends and popularity.

But that doesn’t stop me at marveling what Michel Gondry does with a few colours, a paper and a video camera. It doesn’t stop me from reading scripts written by Woody Allen and Rebecca Miller. It doesn’t stop me from thinking what Greta Gerwig thought before signing up for Frances Ha. It doesn’t stop me from watching Wes Anderson movies back-to-back noting down things I like – joining FTII forums and discussing Bollywood – watching Anurag Kashyap’s speeches on Film-making – noting down email addresses of Production houses I would like to intern with – sending my CV to Art Management firms just to see if I fit the bill. I’m trying. I don’t know if its right – I don’t know if job security is the secret to success. I don’t know if I’ll ever end up in Mumbai writing films like Juhi Chaturvedi and Gauri Shinde. I also remember promising my best friend, Sarkar, that we’d write scripts for Korean Drama together, when we were in college. Maybe we should have done that.

Its all a bit unsettling when you see your friends going to pursue their Masters in the US, UK and Singapore – or when they post “FMS / IIM – Life be like” pictures on instagram – and you’re still here sitting before a screen.


Being afraid is normal and so is stalking celebrities on Instagram. Reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (by Mindy Kaling) instead of Lean-In or Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (or whatever its called) – is absolutely OKAY. Crushing on celebrity chefs who don’t even know you exist is OKAY. Reading never-ending tumblr posts on inspiration is OKAY – as long as you don’t lose yourself in another person’s world and come back to your own to build yourself up. You’re not alone. You never will be. Talk to people and get to know things instead of being shy and apprehensive. Throw yourself at opportunities and learn things that can’t be learnt on lifehack or buzzfeed. Get out of your shell and give yourself a chance to feel vulnerable.

It doesn’t matter where we are as long as we know we want to try harder and make something out of this opportunity we call life.



Happy Valentine’s Day, Chandler Binggg


*In that blood-curdling- nasal-twangy-Janice-From-F.R.I.E.ND.S-tone*

Yes, that’s right. I thought (not less than a hundred times) whether or not to post a V-Day post. I live in this parallel-Universe where Corny-Cheesy V thoughts are frowned upon if not abhorred. Honestly, I’ve always believed if you really have the hearts-kisses-cuddly teddy-thoughts for someone, its going to last for a long time and you don’t need such a day to remind yourselves to go on a date where you’ll probably splurge more than you did on his/her birthday (See : birthdays > concept > totally another Universe. I say, go all out on making someone’s birthday because that is really something. I know I’m contradicting myself. I’m not a hater of celebrations. Hell no, I’m just picky about some. Its a personal blog, remember? So yeah. *winks*)

I believe that besides being a highly successful commercial idea – VDAY is the day you can breeze into someone’s life -ask them out- and no matter what the result be all coy and say, “Well, its Valentine’s day, no?”. Good luck with that.

But if you’re still gummy bears about it, then yes, I do hope you have a great time. But have you heard of these Anti-Valentine Bashes? Now these are the real amazing people. They get together as a symbol of their not being coupled with someone- to party it out – probably meet another specimen who they can then hope to make their valentine next year. Are you serious? You want to party? Partaayyy – why name it like that? Isn’t Valentine’ Day (bless that poor Saint who’s name is getting dragged into all of this) cheesy enough that you have to find an anti for it? There is absolutely nothing to be upset about not having a valentine. Chances are you’re much happier today than most coupled ones. Anti-V is almost asking for pity and louve. Really, you can do much better.

So, today I’m going to do some posts – in a string, yes. My senior blogger buddies must be clucking at the idea of bulk content being pushed into the world at once. I’m sorry, I really have no option here.  Also, I must catch breakfast.

So, yes, if you’re sitting like me staring at a computer or phone- but hoping someone pops the question : just do it yourself. Use this opportunity to make a complete fool out of yourself. I believe in doing things you think you must. Chose the harder option. Silent-love is so 18th Century – “Oh but how do I embrace my love for her when she is betrothed to Master Sullivan?”. Get over yourself and shake that ass with some happiness in you.

Love yourself.

Perhaps, celebrate yourself today (like I plan to despite having a Valentine) and be less hypocritical about it (I’m trying, don’t roll your eyes at me).

My Mum texted me Happy valentine’s Day so I know whose day to brighten up, now. 

Also, dear, do NOT, I repeat : Do not randomly wish people you find cute. Its such a put off. Not even as a  joke. Because, darling, everyone these days can see right through each other. Yes? Good. Time for some good writing now. I love you all, V or not.




My Type

My Mother laughed at me and asked, ‘So what is your type?’. Without a moment’s delay I replied, ‘Someone like Neil Gaiman! Who is not afraid to dream or speak aloud, about his demons and antics. Someone who’ll listen to my dreams and stare at me with awe, under the stars, all night. Yes, that’s enough for me.’

Shreya Sudesh


I don’t usually type-ify people, afraid that its one of those things judgmental folk do. But then again isn’t calling them judgmental a judgment too? Well, I really don’t want to get to the bottom of that well (of thought).

The truth is, most of our judgments are usually based upon how that person treats us. And that’s why different people think of the same person differently. That’s my theory. And logic. So your deeds make you who you are for others. That writer guy in the library may be really talkative with me because he knows I’m a dealer of words as well but with others, he turns into an introvert and earned the silent tag. That’s how our mind works. We seem to categorize people so that we ourselves know who’s company we prefer and whom we’d like to spend more time with. Or less. And its true, birds of a feather, flock together. 

Though you may think the girl with the perfect her who is always giggling at her phone is the well, bitchy sorts. Her friend, who also enjoys what she does, would think she is amazing and they are meant for each other. So now, both are bitchy.

Damn I just realized I judged three hypothetical people already. I hope I survive the rest of the day without thinking too much into this

Just remember, accept people for who they really are. Do not always keep pushing them to change. Because you’re NOT Transforming their lives. You’re either just making them like yourself or being a Judge and turning them into your ideal type. And that’s not justified. Allow people to be free around yourself. Everyone deserves that much space and happiness. As long as you’re not choking the life out of someone with your attitude, its fine to be who you are. And as long as we can all be happy.

Stars align. Coffee Spills. And I sleep.


Experiences in life fine tune you to figure out what to expect from the future. Sometimes you just wish you had not done that particular thing…like ordering for an expensive pair of shoes that bit you later; going easy on your assignment; getting into that relationship you fell out from; hurt that person who always had your back; drunk that certain vodka that made you barf etcetera.

Entering the College Phase entitles you to many such experiences with or without your consent and you just need to get with it. 


Sometimes you just take a decision with a moment’s of consideration…and those may be crazy and end up badly but they always teach you a lesson. So think before you jump into the mush pool. Because once you’re in, you’re in for good. And you’ll come out all goofed up.

Sleep is your best friend.

Then there are these adventures you go to…where you see breathtaking places, meet people from foreign countries who tell you that they worked in Warner Brothers and then became Postmen in Swiz Mountains. And you are left thinking , ‘Is he joking?’ and you look at their confident and kind face and you almost want to believe them as they say Namaste and leave you to do your work.

Cell phones can be a bitch. Too many misunderstandings and slander happens there. Keep it as far as you can like most peace loving people do. The one thing I find myself do a lot when I have nothing else to do is check my email. Its way better that whatsapping estranged contacts in the hope to find something you lost. Don’t go to those territories…they are zoned red. And whenever there is too much draw…use the Block option. There is a reason its use is left to your discretion. Changing wallpapers can be therapeutic…so can Pinterest and Snapchat. Sometimes you need that perfect, jobless escapade so that you avoid binge eating or another jolly 5 hours of napping.

Laundry is a creeper cum snake. It grows by the hour and if you don’t get to the task, you’ll be surprised to wake up on a bed with dirty clothes in heeps all around you. And oh, I’m not even joking now. Its ready to coil around your throat and strangle you once and for all.

Choose friends over crushes. For a safe landing. Just saying. Never make decisions under the influence of your heart if it involves people. Good times can be had with anyone. What matters is …that everybody should have it. 

Money and Expenditure is…quicksand. You’re 2k rich and suddenly there are bills, trips, birthdays, fares and by the end of the week you’re at the verge of bankruptcy.

Making to-do lists only work if you are in the habit of checking them periodically to strike off tasks you’ve completed. Or else its just as useful as one of the poems in the Lord Of The Rings book. One too many of them, eh?

Reading John Green books…always a great investment of time. Filter coffee is the best motivation to wake up early in the morning. And tweeting with #fitspiration does not help you lose the extra flab. You have to actually work out the postures you see on Pinterest.

Never get carried away by music. If a lovely song is playing…Do not, I repeat, DO NOT associate it with a person, ever. Because if things go awry between the two of you…you’ve lost a good song.

Stitch your lips if you can’t keep everything that runs in your head between your brain and tongue. Or else someone will paint it all over your face.

Roll with people who get your weirdness. The others can go smell socks.

Do not get affected by what moody and sociopath people say. It never good to label people but I’m just giving you an example. Some people just strike at the wrong places where it singes the worst. Those are times you label them as HAZARDOUS or FATAL in your head. So yeah, stay away.

Do not drink if you don’t know where you’ll end up. People made coca cola for a reason. Same applies for smoking…plug into easy-going music and go for a run. Everybody starts this shit to look cool and they get burned in the end. Charred, actually.

Live life

Never over think issues. What’s done is done. Don’t mull and ponder over it until every cell in your body turns black.

Socialize. Don’t be the weirdo that always stays locked up in his or her room. No good has ever come out f it. Get out of your comfort zone. Im not asking you to become crazy and go overdrive. Just interact with people that you live with.

Never do something you can’t tell your parents within the next 6 months! It always spells P-E-R-M-A-N-N-E-N-T     D-A-M-A-G-E.

Have coffee. Have bath and everything should be fine.

Basically, these are a bunch of guidelines which should get you past most of the rough stuff.

Dive only if there is depth.

Always enjoy what you do and that should solve your troubles. Make friends who really rock your world. Please stop finding and falling in love hopelessly. You’ll be surprised people can shock you if you get too close. Like urgh. Barf. Just be polite with strangers. If you’re feeling tipsy, go to bed. And dream of rainbows. Its better than ending up on the couch on the roof.

Hope you’re having a great time. Watch awesome movies that change you :

Amelie, Midnight in Paris, The Science of Sleep, Julie and Julia, Run Lola Run, David, RED, Silver Linings Playbook, Harry Potter, LOTR, Little Manhattan, Due Date, The Other Guys, PS I Love You, perks of Being a Wallflower, The Notebook and blah blah 

😀 You’ll be fine. Love yourself and the reason why you exist. 



New Year – Literally


I may as well tell you that I’m the type of teenager who got sloshed up with gin and tonic (or even a Breezer), wore expensive shoes and danced all night at an awesome club with friends who love me lots. The truth is, I’m the teenager who emptied an entire nutella jar (in one sitting), browsing new year images on weheartit and pinterest; watched movies like Bend It Like Beckham (just for the hero), Pirates Of The Caribbean (that’s like my new year ritual since ninth grade), We’re the Millers and an episode of Downtown Abbey that I found in my assorted collection. Also I wore a loose tee and my fishermen capris with my hair tied up all wrong. But I was happy. I got to talk to everyone (almost) I love a lot (despite my network being jammed for like two hours), make a million resolutions in my head, text people I don’t have a reason to text otherwise, get starstruck by excitement, pray wholeheartedly for awesomeness, realize the importance of family on new year’s (sometimes I guess they just like doing fun stuff without me, humph)  dance like a mullah with my friends in PJ’s to David Guetta and Avicii while fairy lights glimmered in the dark. Later in the day, I indulged in some guilty lunch with Cholle- Bathure at a senior friend’s place with all my buddies. And I was back to my spexy laptop until 5 AM watching my favorite movies…(read Pride and Prejudice : Kiera Knightley version). Also, I listened to my selected French Clips…I just love listening to french despite my 1 understanding of the language. Quirks, you see.

I also managed writing a few lines of a story which I dunno is headed where…(I actually have millions of such loose threads in a myriad of folders in my documents)…and study a bit just for the sake of it being New Year’s First day (in coherence to the popular belief that you’ll do what you do on this day, throughout the year, most diligently and unfailingly) … Now don’t I wish I had gone horse-riding or something like that, eh? Or gone shopping to Brigade or Chinese Food with close buddies (Oh, imagination !) But sacrificing good stuff for something better is more than worth it, love. 

The philosophy behind this is that I have a hard time getting over excitement. And with exams on my birthday week…its better if I work now and contain my joy or else I cant enjoy my NINETEENTH BIRTHDAY! You see, I do things with a reason. 

One thing I’m happy about is, last year…especially the last 6 months gave me some amazing friends, mad memories, extra pounds, ideas and lessons that I could write about all year long. All I can think about, for this year, is more progress, building upon the pedestal I’ve reached, more fun and partying, more glossy pictures and quotes to live by and a few dreams coming true. And a lot of glitter. Never forget glitter and lights! 


Also, I need to start thinking about my EXAMS and my 19TH BIRTHDAY which if you forget, you’re going to get haunt-mails. Not something you want from moi. Its one of my areas of expertise. I wish I could spend it in a foreign location trying actual good quality wine but um, it coincides with my first exam… History of Architecture. Not so cool. But that’s okay. I hope I get to ‘Rave, Repeat’ later.

Seriously I’m expecting a lot of Raving this year. And I cancelled on an awesome rendezvous with this awesome Architect guy in the coming week thanks to Dad’s idea of spending more time before studying. Sounds legit but me is not so happy about cancelling plans that are hard to get back. Anyway, the guy is not such a big deal. So, whatever.

Then I’m secretly hoping my folks and buds have something planned for my 19th. If not, I don’t blame them. Exams screw up the best of us. Ah, well. On brighter fronts, vacation begins on 16th and then there is a trip to Hyderabad…the land of cheap books, Biriyani, Burgers, Baigans and amazing spots! Hahaha :p

And there is NASA to look forward to. Fingers Crossed. And Christ in Feb :*

And HALCYON, our college fest. And VTU Fest, hopefully.

That’s all the blitz part. 4th semester is very important design-wise so I cant fool around much. I can’t play tag this time. I gotta do some serious shit to impress jurors.

Also I dream to go to Kolkata and Pune this year. Let’s see how things map out. Travelling always excites me. Especially when there is a priz hanging at the other end. And opportunities galore.

Anyway, its time I take a quick nap (coz I’m sleepy for no reason and its a holiday) because there is a Coffee meet later in the evening and some supply-shopping. Exam month excites me… stationery shopping being one of its perks. 

I hope you have a blessed year ahead. I promise to come with some soul-warming and crazy posts later this year. In your worst days picture yourself in some Asian town, wearing cotton clothes and a straw hat, comfortably sitting in an armchair under dim light and incense filling your nostrils as the cool sea breeze linger around you. And soft music plays.

Or Imagine yourself in a crazy party (such as the one I’ll throw next year) with Toney Romera, Hardwell, Avicii, Like Mike, Tiesto, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons playing live….bright crazy lights…mad-high people and Good Vibes and loads of happiness and no worries! And good food and a warm bed waiting to comfort your bone tired body!

Arrividerci (with my sexy resolution list. Its going to BLOW YOUR MIND OFF)

Page 365 | 2013


‘Palak palak pe khwaab thi

unhe paane ki chaah thi

Dikhne lagi koi raah mujhe

dhundli ek shaam si.

Kuch paaya, kuch khoya

Par aakhir mein aisa lag raha hai

Ki woh Zindagi hi kya jisse aapne

Khwaabon pe na gawaaiyi ho

A whole year passed by setting my life ablaze with a myriad of experiences, tastes, feelings, rushes and god-knows-what-all !

No two days were the same and there were surprises around the corner…pleasant and otherwise. New people enriched my life with new colors while the ones who took my leave, left me with some warm shades of theirs. 

Bounties, parties, frolicking, crying, laughing, hugging,kicking, screaming, hollering, hooting, cussing, kissing, jamming, biking, topping, realizing, singing,breaking, fixing, confusing, playing,burning, dancing, jumping, writing, giggling,climbing high…everything happened and in such brief splashes that my pages never had the time to soak them completely…so what’s actually happened is that my life is now a collage of impressions. And trust me, its worth framing!

So now I take a first step of a million more and I made mistakes that I never made before…and he journey so far has been amazing.

2013 has taught me so much and is leaving me so much more mature and grateful. And tougher and stingy when I want to be. I’ve run out of glue sticking memories to my scrapbook. But when I brush through the pages in my head I find myself remembering everything fondly and wishing I could live them back.

Now that 2014 beckons us, I wish you a great Year ahead. Its of course time to party! And I have things planned…ooh, yeah. And within my means 🙂

I see the lights and I smile to myself. Next year is going to be so much more different. And I’m ready for the change. I can already smell the freshness and excitement 😀

Time for the music to blast on my speakers as I clean up my place to get it ready for the New Year and the bright Lights 😀

If you have no one to go crazy happy with, remember this:

‘No one makes you happier but yourself.

Find yourself.

Be happy…because you maybe alone in a crowd, today but not for long. Coz When you’re surrounded by a whole crowd who loves you…you’ll be strong enough to emanate the love you’ll need to make them all feel special 😀

Do write to me if you need some New Year Cheer…sharing is caring right?

Love you all till the moon and back x

Happy New Year with a lot of glitter and love from Me and My Family! Go offline and Party :p



Our Sunshine


I’ve been running in

Cold alleyways

Searching for a trace

Of your essence.


Hiding away from

Those who pry

Upon the Sunshine that

We created long ago


I still feel your

Warm breath on my shoulder

As I ride through the misty ways

On my  velocipede.


I turn away from the

Glare of the sunshine

As I try to keep it from

Leaving our haunt.


Without you, I find it hard

To control its whims

Dancing to its tunes rather

Than it dancing to mine.


Someday it will blow

Out of proportion

Scorching the world

Effortlessly, irrevocably.


A testament to our bond

A fruit of our thoughts

An undeniable End

In the making.


Won’t you come and complete me

Now that I plead to you

To contain its savagery

Before the sand’s of time pass us by?


Won’t you come back?

To where your every err

Is saved within my

Deepest meditations.


No one else comes

Close to where you stand

In the deepest

Fathomage of my heart.


 Shreya Sudesh ©

Love The Woman Who Made YOU Possible


Its easy to say that you’re stronger than you appear to be. That you don’t mind not having a special One in your life while others send greetings and other mushy messages to one another before bidding adieu or Good Night.

You may say you don’t give a damn that you don’t have anyone to just call up and go for a walk with… someone with whom you share mutual appreciation. Someone who fills your bleak moments with splashes of their own colour. Someone whom you can talk your heart out and listen to, at the same time. Someone who makes you feel guilt-free and beautiful. Limitless.

Someone you can put the blame on bad hair days and get away with it. Whom you can demand anything from and know that they’d do their best to make you Happy! That all they want is … a smile on your face and to hear the same words from your lips as those which echo in their own hearts.

Sometimes you almost find that person. But its too early or its just a mere possibility. Or sometimes, you’re still in oblivion. And have no clue where you are or who you’re gonna end up with. Sometimes you almost send the words but replace them with a smiley, instead.

Well, I’ve realised that keeping love within your heart does nobody any good. So now that its reached your lips or fingers… just type it out! And send it to whomsoever you love a LOT!

Like tonight, I had to save my love but I don’t wanna waste it. And I could NOT think of anyone better than my own Mother to send it to! We can never compensate for the love, selfless care and blemishless concern that they shower upon us, irrespective of our reciprocation.

I know I don’t say it enough. I know Im not able to be beside you all the time but I love you, Mum! And you mean the Universe to me. I may not show it, but I know you Know it.

So instead of sending my Love to people who may or may not value it, I’d rather send it to the one Woman … the person who showed me what it is to feel. The Person behind my every success. The person who’s kept her faith in my abilities.

Take a few moments. And tell the people you love what they mean to you. Its never too much, or too late. Be grateful.

I love you, too , for your time and patience…

Arrividerci :’)



Coz with time ,
You conquer your fears
Accept your faults
Get over your hurt

Do away
with the Useless
Respect the Wise Ones
Love the Deserving
Protect the Feeble

You Learn to
Forgive Those Who’ve
Wronged You
Time and Again.

You learn to
Survive the extremities
That Life exposes
Your young soul to.

You Turn Wiser
As your mane turns grey
With every strand
And with Every memory.

You begin to Search
For your True Calling
Pursue your Interest
Like Silk catching Fire.

You set your Life 
Ablaze with Action
And Value those
WhoFan Your Flames.

You learn that
The Exterior Is A
Mere deception
To distract you.

And that Love
Is not Found or Hunted
But experienced
Deeply And Nurtured.

Separation is strife
And with strife
Comes Pain 
Like no other.

Your emotions become
Your vulnerability and
Your Strong Anchor
To Your Humanity.

In troubled times
Your past deeds
Come to your Aid to
Free You and your comrades.

You learn that Joy
Is profoundly beautiful
And only increases
As you spread it.

And the Past
 Never remains shackled
What Goes Around,
Comes Back around.

That Blood Speaks
Louder than any
Other Liquor
You may have fancied.

That Your beauty
Lies in how you
 Take defeat with the same
Dignity as Victory.

And finally,
Gratitude is Golden.
While God is Love
And your Soul is in Peace.

Life, as a Human
Is Worth Only
IfThe Human realises
Its True Potential.

Shreya Sudesh 

An Ode To My Family

One’s family is the true-most source of love … 

They’re always there… they’ve always got your back… they support you no matter how badly you mess up!

They encourage you to take up challenges and achieve your goals!

They love you no matter how ignorant or hurtful you become…

And most of all , they’re YOUR FAMILY!!!

Related by blood or not, it does not matter, its the love in the Bond that counts 🙂

I take this oppurtunity to thank my loved ones for making me who I am and being so selfless towards me all the time and keeping my needs before theirs and protecting me ALL THE TIME!

I owe all my success to you 🙂

I love you more than I can say 😀

Its time you shared some love and gratitude towards your kith and kin , too 🙂 x