Ignoring Clarity

Clarity really seals the deal. Some times we we’d rather ignore the plain answer because the heart loves the fallacy. It likes to believe what we want is in the process of happening even if, in reality, the odds are against it.

Is it a kind of intellectual inertia that keeps us from clearly defining what is and what’s not? Or do we just allow our theories to soothe us until denial is no more an option and staunch reality hits us?

It happens with me all the time. I like to believe I’m a practical person despite the dreamy ad excited way I talk, sometimes. But those are rare occasions when I’m giddy with excitement. Anyway, I’ve noticed that when I really want something, say an introduction to a person I like but don’t have the guts to approach in the manner I wish I could, I hope that things fall in place and we get introduced by chance. But as all good things come to an end my fallacy breaks too. Short lived excitement leaves you high and dry.

Instead, why not cut the chase? Just agree to the current situation and let go. You can’t have everything and everyone in your life, now, can you? Not unless you have all the time in this world to stalk and befriend people, eventually.

Sometimes its best not to put too much of our hop or affection on any one entity before things materialize because we have enough to deal with already. Heartbreaks and let downs do not have  an open invitation in my life, at least.

Breathe easy. Let go. Give your heart and mind, a much needed break.