One Mind, Many Dreams.

Warning : Reading this may upset people I know personally and who may have said things that I quote so please be kind and use discretion. I love you all, anyway.

I know people, like my best-friend from school, P who did his engineering while I did Architecture – he got a job like everyone else while I still did Architecture because its a longer course (and is still not over – for those who think I’m chilling in Chennai). He just knows he wants to work for the forces. He left his corporate job and is preparing for SSB. I recently (read, July) had the opportunity to act in a Short Play (Short + Sweet, Chennai, 2016 ) and this was, by chance – because I went against my usual habit of ignoring messages and actually replied to a friend who was the director of the play.  Okay, coming to the point, I got a chance to meet other actors, writers and directors. To us, the lay-folk who only enjoy cinema and read gossip blurbs or the Times of India – actors just happen to be and earn big bucks and splurge it on controversies that we can use as ice-breakers at work. But the truth is, getting a job as an actor for a somebody is really tough in a country where every third person wants to be one (Okay, you knew this). I think you can become a politician, more easily, if you’re erudite and tactical enough. SO – I met all these people who just KNOW that they want to be an actor – regardless of where they are right now – they’ve left jobs, homes and families for this. Every text, every expression, every meeting – they only talk about their passion and I’m left aghast. Like, ‘sapne mein aaya kya tere?” (did it occur to you in a dream?). It probably did.

Such crystal dreams don’t occur to me. I’m usually in morbid situations in dreams- running around with people I may/may not know in strange set-ups that may/may not exist.

Every month – I have a new ambition. I get influenced by movies, books, people, magazine articles and of course, social media. Its not easy. They say – trust in the magic of beginnings. I do – but then it fizzles out. And something new takes it place. Its not easy – when you’re pursuing a degree; want independence; super-fast WiFi; good food; social life; a job which feels like a holiday; security – it just doesn’t all materialize in one night on a platter – much like how we’d like it to. Some people just get stuck in the grind of everyday mundane jobs to support themselves and a family. Or run behind their passion – a train they may/may not catch. Or live in the delusion: ‘Aayega – Don aayega”.

Don gaya tel lene.

No parent/well-wisher/aunty/uncle-ji who owns a shop/dhobi-wallah/already-established-friend/Data-scientist-cousin-in-the-US  likes it when you tell them you want to become a Screen-writer or Casting Director – Art Manager – Art Director – Critic – Media Producer – Shift to another city – Get a flat- Buy a dog- etc:-

“Does it even pay well? What – I’ve never heard of it. Its just tricks – to scam your generation into doing odd-jobs no one else wants to do. Are you crazy? Interns are unpaid labor – even the dhobiwallah knows that. Pune? Tomorrow you’ll go to New York also. Pehle na you lose weight and leave that Facebook wagera. Some Hunky Dory became a screenwriter – doesn’t mean ki you’ll become one, too. Please keep your room clean, first. And what about the five years you spent cutting cardboard to become an Architect (or whatever you studied)? Who’ll pay for rent? Accha, leave all this blogging about movies which some other person made and share serious views on your blog. Get married before 25 – movie mein dekha na – that actor also said that only. Kya? How many degrees do you want? PINK dekha PINK? Yahi hota hai  outside world mein – go, go get your flat ab. Accha jao – sab karlo – Director bhi ban jao. Artist bhi ban jao. Go ask your Michel Gondry’s mother if he spoke to her in this tone, ever. Remember Ankita? She’s working in that advertising company – she’s getting married in November. You’re still sending in CV’s to these funny companies. What do you want to do with the rest of your existence? Ja, main nai poochti.


You got my point. And its all in our best interest. No parent wants their kid lying broke in some dingy corner smoking cheap cigarettes regretting why they didn’t take up that Accenture wala job. Neither do they want you as an added attachment to the house (unless of course you’re a boy, in our patriarchal country). And I agree with them. This is not a rant as much as it looks like one.

Its a dilemma that I realized, more recently, a lot of us are facing but because we want to maintain the status-quo of being happy – we don’t share it. We just write poetry because its a hobby. We don’t tell people that it gives us more pleasure doing than data-entry because poetry doesn’t pay – unless of course you write something that goes viral on scoopwhoop. No one writes Facebook statuses about how they fought with someone who thinks their dreams are worth nothing. No one tells you how much it hurts to lose a job because you could’t focus on your work. No one tells you how bloody scared they are about life, itself. We blame our social status, lack of money, parental pressure, etc – and continue doing what we do best – nothing.

But all that is when you have some tinkering clue about what you really want to be. Thomas Zacharias (okay, I not-secretly have a crush on him and he Instagrams as @cheftzac) knew he wanted to be a Chef. Though it looks like he’s always smiling as he grills salmons and posts pictures about inspiring local cuisine – it took him a hell load of effort to become the Executive Chef of the Bombay Canteen (believe it or not, one of the many reasons for me to want to work in Pune is so that I can go to Mumbai to see this place designed by a firm called The Busride – where I will work, one day.). A snippet of that effort (posted with permission aka DM that he may/may not read, on Instagram) :

On the contrary, another person I got introduced to, thanks to all the weird research I do – is Shanoo Sharma (@shanoozeing on twitter) who is the Casting Head at YRF Films. And she didn’t just land up this job in one year or even two. She has the experience of working as a hair-stylist, bartender, waitress, singer – and pretty much everything she wanted to try. She has no degree to her name and at one (or many) point was tagged by well-wishers as someone who could not stay in one job for more than a year. And look where all that has lead her to. She now gives actors their breaks. She calls her job a holiday and has the authority to work from where she wants, when she wants. She does a job she’s obsessed with and this didn’t occur to her in a dream. She is India’s top Casting Director. Ranveer Singh, Parneeti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt – and many more happened because she thought they could happen. And her story which I read is here .

Closer home, in Chennai, someone I actually know did something out of his dreams. Shyam Renganathan just gave his first TEDx talk in VIT, Vellore – and why? Because he didn’t just sit around moping (okay maybe he may have done that at one point) – when he believed that he could be funny. He didn’t want that engineering life – he stood against joining a B.E course and went ahead to do what he loves doing – he’s now a Standup Comic, RJ, Web Series (Black Sheep)  Actor and I don’t know what more he will do. It was definitely not easy – or fun, when he decided to take a step back and change course. But he made it. Its not an easy world for dreamers but then again, people make it.

And these are just some examples that I’ve stumbled upon. Okay, let’s take Sushant Singh Rajput – for those who are living under a rock / From another country  – he’s a Bollywood actor who recently acted as M.S Dhoni in his biopic. Besides that, he has starred as Byomkesh Bakshi and as a lead character in Kai Po Che, the movie based on Chetan Bhagat’s Three Mistakes of My Life. He didn’t become an actor bas aise hi kyunki sapna aaya. He was first an AIEEE Topper with AIR 7 – then a student in DTU – a dancer in Shiamak Davar’s Dance troupe – a theatre artist with Ekjute – an actor in Hindi Serials – and finally, an actor. This journey was a long and strenuous one. I haven’t interviewed him but I sure as hell know that he didn’t know he’ll be acting as M.S Dhoni in the year 2016 – when he was giving his AIEEE. Not everyone knows for sure. And you know what, its okay.

You can thank me later.

I say this to myself whenever I get a new idea – that’s daunting – that makes me look jittery and unsure – which I agree I am. But what’s wrong in that? I’m afraid that I don’t know. But at least, I accept that I don’t know and I’m trying to know. I’m giving my everything – I’m working hard and looking at prospects- I’m applying to places which resonate my beliefs, somewhat. I’m looking at originality in a field dominated by trends and popularity.

But that doesn’t stop me at marveling what Michel Gondry does with a few colours, a paper and a video camera. It doesn’t stop me from reading scripts written by Woody Allen and Rebecca Miller. It doesn’t stop me from thinking what Greta Gerwig thought before signing up for Frances Ha. It doesn’t stop me from watching Wes Anderson movies back-to-back noting down things I like – joining FTII forums and discussing Bollywood – watching Anurag Kashyap’s speeches on Film-making – noting down email addresses of Production houses I would like to intern with – sending my CV to Art Management firms just to see if I fit the bill. I’m trying. I don’t know if its right – I don’t know if job security is the secret to success. I don’t know if I’ll ever end up in Mumbai writing films like Juhi Chaturvedi and Gauri Shinde. I also remember promising my best friend, Sarkar, that we’d write scripts for Korean Drama together, when we were in college. Maybe we should have done that.

Its all a bit unsettling when you see your friends going to pursue their Masters in the US, UK and Singapore – or when they post “FMS / IIM – Life be like” pictures on instagram – and you’re still here sitting before a screen.


Being afraid is normal and so is stalking celebrities on Instagram. Reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (by Mindy Kaling) instead of Lean-In or Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (or whatever its called) – is absolutely OKAY. Crushing on celebrity chefs who don’t even know you exist is OKAY. Reading never-ending tumblr posts on inspiration is OKAY – as long as you don’t lose yourself in another person’s world and come back to your own to build yourself up. You’re not alone. You never will be. Talk to people and get to know things instead of being shy and apprehensive. Throw yourself at opportunities and learn things that can’t be learnt on lifehack or buzzfeed. Get out of your shell and give yourself a chance to feel vulnerable.

It doesn’t matter where we are as long as we know we want to try harder and make something out of this opportunity we call life.



Cafe Society – a Review.

Hollywood – a topic that’s been coming up in my life a lot, lately,thanks to all the writers living in and chronicling about Los Angeles. I dim all the lights, shut the rest of the world because I’m excited to watch this new flick (relatively) and its a Woody Allen product starring Steve Carell; Blake Lively, Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart and some other great actors I discovered after watching the movie. Of course there are expectations when you sit to watch a Woody Allen. He has given me a bunch of favorites right from Annie Hall to – silence – Midnight in Paris. He supplies images of Paris, New York and Los Angeles rendered in his eccentricity and yet old-worldly charm. And I lap it up like a greedy kitten – as all dreamers do.

The starting looked promising – oh wait, have I revealed too much, already? – with Phil Stern (Carell)- a Hollywood power-broker – getting a call from his sister (who almost seems estranged because she has to remind him that she’s his sister and that Bobby is his nephew). And one fine morning Bob (Jesse) lands up in Hollywood hoping that it will provide him the break he needed from working in his father’s jewelry-making business. And there he has to wait almost a month to just see his Uncle who seems pretty reluctant in offering him any substantial position at all but agrees to introduce him to people and give him odd-jobs to keep him going. And that’s when he meets Vonnie (Kristen Stewart) and things take a sharp turn (expected) as he falls in love with her as they eat cheap mexican dinners and drive around L.A. They joke up about the stars and the hollowness of it all. Bob is soon left dry by Hollywood’s prospects for him. So he decides to join Ben – his mysterious (not to us) who starts a Nightclub in the Big Apple. He wants Vonnie to join him and asks her to marry him (in the most un-movie-ish way). Here, I’d like to mention how refreshing it was to see a man not taking the trouble to wait for the opportune moment- by which time the girl has totally lost all hope that he’ll ever ask her and ends up proposing herself out of pure exasperation – which has become a fashion. I have no qualms with the woman taking control but its just that that theme has been used too much, already) and telling the love of his life what he plans for them. The only trouble (there has to be one, right?) is that she is still not over her ex who had broken up with her because he couldn’t break his 25 year-old marriage. But poor Bob has not a clue that she is having major second thoughts because the ex is a magnetic personality and his charm is well, too charming to simply let go. As it ends out – things don’t work out and end half-hearted-ly. I can’t divulge anything more without spoiling it for you. And what happens then? Does he move to New York and start again or remains a lovelorn – fidgeting loner trying to get something meaningful done?


You must be wondering where Blake Lively makes an entry, right? Well, she does – even though for short bursts – her fabulous presence can never be under-stated.

So basically its Woody Allen overstating his qualms about religions and the sanctity of human beings and their decisions. He chose Hollywood and New York (his favorite city, undoubtedly) as the backdrop to portray how people are faced with to be or not to be situations and the fact that not all decisions are thought-through. You just make them with a whim and you live with it in all its entirety. Regrets ruminate in your mind till you start looking dreamy-eyed. Dreams remain dreams. Your ideals dwindle. But the lights in these big cities come back to life at dusk.

Critics applauded Kristen. Maybe I’m just a bad critic and I haven’t watched enough Stewart movies but isn’t shy-weird-confused her natural state? She plays it best every single time. Its her comfort zone. So why are we calling Jesse’s- who’s portrayal of Woody’s alter-ego is on-point- mediocre and fidgety compared to someone who is just doing what they were born as? Guess what – that’s how he was meant to act like. But the performances that really shined through were those of Bob’s Jewish family  who keep debating about all things political, religious, ethical – actually just about everything.  Jeannie Berlin (Mom) and Ken Stott – please take a bow. Right from their conversations and cursing to the they kind of stitch Bob’s life by coming in every now and then.

So, Cafe Society shows us a glimpse of the 1930’s – on two canvasses – one is the glamour of Hollywood attracting dreamers to its hollowness; golden beaches and sly embrace and New York where the life of stocks and its people are moving at a pace no one seemed to comprehend in that age. It was a time when thugs and high society mingled in glamour (wait, am I living in a deja-vu era because isn’t it happening even now?). The movie shows a beautiful contrast between the two cities and struggles of human conscience but falls short in its predictability and un-digestible pace.

Its not Woody’s best but it did have his madness in it. I know all his movies end up becoming about himself. Now, there’s a real artist who makes you stop and look.

Parting comments : Dreamy, makes you expect more but falls short on delivering a movie that can be applauded.

I’m in Chennai

Enslaved by internet speed and storage-space in mobile phones and devices such. That’s what life has come to. Office got over a while ago but here I am waiting for In Which Annie Gives… to buffer. Yes, that’s what its come to.

So, I thought I’ll visit the space I’ve been meaning to but not getting time (mind frame, actually) to attend to. There’s 8 hours of office and two hours of travel along with 7 hours of sleep. To add to it I joined a short play with well-meaning friends some of whom are serious thespians and actors. I’m just learning, really – experiencing, rather. I was always drawn to the theatre- well, now I’ll really get to know if I make the cut or whether theatre makes the cut for me.

Well if you happen to be in Chennai (or live here) – come catch us live at 7pm  (be there on time because we perform first) – Alliance Francaise, Nungambakkam. Its made with love, really – the other kind, you know. It has a lot of laughter and goof-ups, bajjis and lemon tea behind this play being performed. For me, maybe because of the people I’ve been around with – architects and writers (of sorts) – the Process is always more meaningful than the end. Well that’s what I believe in, for now, because I haven’t really completed anything of importance. Perhaps if I ever get a project (writing, art, audio or whatever) done – I’ll tell you.

Damn, the internet is slow. I’m still here. The office is almost empty.

Well, I hope to see you at the play should you drop by – do say hi. And, I miss my leisurely days, really. And I long  to go back to my hostel-mates and do the things we used to do. I miss my single-bed and the best room-mate, ever who loves cats, books and strangeness alike. We could exist parallel-y, peacefully and interact at a comfortable wavelength without any awkwardness and in these times, that a real miracle, you know. If you happen to read this : I miss you Gurangutan and all our erratic, crazy and lovely times. Making videos, playing with Peter, walking walking walking, eating together, watching favorite movies. You will be my best friend forever – without definition. I hope we stay in touch like our mothers and their best friend in college did. I hope to come there and meet your cats and little brother – go with you to all the places you mentioned. Someday. I have another set of special friends apart from my classmates – the Chicchar Gang. No, I will not translate. Its best left like that. They hailed from Meghalaya, Ranchi and Jamshedpur. And they were my closest friends by the end. I can’t even start telling you our stories. Because, well, not all of them are mine to tell.

Ah, well, Dad inquired why I’m still in office. And its getting dark outside. I must leave now and leave you with patchwork-memories.


Feeling like a Misfit? Oh Oh -_- Dont.

As we speak (so to say), I’m working on my Architectural Brain-child…a break-through in Contemporary Architecture…

Well, I wish I could open my post like that, today. Not just yet. I’m still a student, so without further ado…let’s jump into the topic.

..(:  | via Facebook

They have a stash of designer tops that probably cost a fortune and skinny jeans that you’ll never fit into (irrespective of the number of chips and ice-cream packs you give up).

But they’re ruling the world. They’re the ones getting asked out to free meals at awesome places (as a hosteler that counts BIG time…especially when the rotis or round-flat unleavened bread taste like rubber)…they get to click sesky pics in clubs wearing the minis and pumps….while you’re dancing to Pearly-Dewdrop’ Drops in your room and reading Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Mein Kampf or Inferno OR watching basketball or playing COD…or whatever you do instead of going out and clubbing.

While they make it to the page 3…and manage to click pics with hot-shots…and eventually become one…you’re worried sick over your term papers and attendance percentages…student loans, rents, etc…

The truth is that we, the youth are the ones who have stereotyped ourselves into all these ‘groups’…the party-goers, the sports-champs, the Plastics (no I don’t have to watch Mean Girls to know the term), nerds-bookworms, chupe rustam, crazy freaks, goths, emos…etc!

Don’t live up to your stereotypes.

Sherman Alexie

The truth is that we are all just the same…at a very basal level. Frustrated at not being treated like adults at the same time wanting to enjoy childhood but with the responsibility of making something out of ourselves, searching for the significant other while everyone else around us is getting hitched while we count sea-shells on the sea-shore. We all want to be famous, talked about, liked, hated (trust me some people actually like being the dark-mysterious-twisted kind). We all act like we are Bob Marleys and Avril Lavignes at some point of time. I find that facade so childish. Be yourself.

A friend (a senior whom I respect  lot for her wisdom) once said to me,

‘Do you know that not being like so many people actually set you worlds apart? And that, my dear, is why we are still talking (she’s passed out of college now)… 

Advertising our lives on social networks, pouring our emo-juices on the virtual scene because no one understands us is not a solution. Too many expectations, distractions, failures,fun, dreams, problems, jealousies, hurts, consequences…and what not. And instead of spending quality time with our family we are busy texting classmates and friends on whatsapp while we dine with the people who actually give a shit about us, love us and have brought us up…funded our needs and wants and so much more. I, myself forget my responsibility towards them. And trust me, it hurts them when they see us texting while they arrange the breakfast table for a family meal. It hurts them that we wont come out of our rooms in the evening, avoid family outings because our friends want to go for a movie! Let’s not make these mistakes and show some gratitude. Earn to reciprocate…if not willfully, at least to make them smile.

We are young…and highly Volatile and inflammable and thus, the best target for Commercial Biggies to invest upon…most shopping-websites, movie productions, advertisements, activists, politicians, musicians, artists…and just about anyone who wants to sell their products …focus (or should I say ‘set their target’) on us…the Youth, the future, who can easily be won over because they get impressed too easily. Because they love being ‘updated’…and trendy. Because the future is another faraway dimension and we’re living in the now. I roll my eyes at our attitude, sometimes. And when our elders (those who are actually concerned about us but just don’t know how to put it across) ask us about our falling grades, broken curfews and habits…we get infuriated, feel misunderstood, abused and imagine ourselves in the place of pitiful characters and indulge in self-pity, write angry poems, act nonchalant, do stuff we are not supposed to and act rebellious. Like that’s gonna help.

Some gain from it. Like they really work damn hard and become great people in whichever field they choose. Some just land up as drunkards and druggies clicking pictures in imported cameras, listening to popular music, waste themselves…blame the society, fall in love, get cheated and well come back home or end up in jail. I was talking about extreme cases. Some believe in the following to feel free… :

546692_401053003259741_907912103_n.jpg (500×375)Society | via Tumblr Perfect | via Tumblr

So yeah, we feel like misfits right now. Because some people get us and some don’t. We may or may not get along with course-mates and colleagues…we may or may not impress our bosses and clientele…but that’s not the end of the world. We may not resemble the highly dashing guy in the Woodlands ad (for men) or the pretty models in Garnier ads! We may not be able to eat Italian while the sun sets and go crazy at super-markets or rent a resort in Botswana’s wilderness…just yet. Nothing comes so easy.

photography | Tumblr Tumblr | via Tumblr PARIS IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA ∞ | via Tumblr

This is just a phase. Its not gonna last forever…these hardships and alien feelings are gonna soon get over…all we need to do is WORK towards it.

Instead of blaming the world….my Dad wasn’t supportive or My Mum never cared…my brother over-shadowed me, the girls in my class are too high-headed, the guys are douches or my teacher knows shit…all useless rants that no one’s got time to listen to because everyone is headed somewhere…and so are YOU.

Take 100% responsibility of your life, Reader. That’s the first step. I’m not hearing any excuse. If you want it bad, go get it.

And while you’re at it…learn to fit-in. You don’t have to be in a pitiful state acting like a misfit. No one’s an out-lander…the party called life is open to all. And trust me, just forgive the damned people and move on. Like, who’s got the time, right? Live your life and make the people around you feel loved and everything else will fall in place. Just in case you find yourself too startled by life, I’m always there just like you guys are there for me. Whenever I find myself dwindling, I write here, to re-gain focus.Untitled | via Facebook

Nobody wants to disappoint people who have faith in them. But hey, shit happens. Your past is gone. Hold no grudge against yourself. You’ve grown up now…you’ve gained a new perspective…perhaps a new scar. Don’t look at it as a reminder of your past…but as an evidence of a hurdle you crossed to get where you are. Just smile. Much love . Arrividerci

Regret Nothing

Priorities and Such


There comes a time (more than once in a lifetime, actually) in everyone’s life when they have to scale down their dreams, weigh their success rate, map their previous glories, write down what matters more to them and chart out their priorities.

And when you’re done with that… there comes the hard trial of decosion making. Your past holds hardly no credit now. All you’ve earned may be gambled for a loss, your credentials may fade away or strengthen (depends) And these decisions tear you apart. You could be a lead vocalist in a leading metal core band that is about to step up from a garage band to a proffesional mega mammoth or… you may be part of an elite soceity or a club you love being in…but your future goal impedes your attending their events. Or you love spending hours potting plants or sketching masterpieces or recording songs or baking…anything!

Your Higher goals require you to silence your creativity and jump into a burrow of hard work where your skills can go to sleep and only your brain needs to grasp stuff.

Basically, choices in our life come in the way of things we like to do… and that cannot be helped. You may me remarked upon, judged (misjudged) , laughed upon or abused…. but well, that’s not your concern. They only see that half of you that’s slacking away from something you showed great interest in, earlier. So they know naught what brought about this sudden change in your attitude towards something you so cherished doing or at least looked foward to do.

You need to prioritise your life, measure what holds more importance.

You cant satisfy everybody.
You cannot tear at the seams just yet.

You have a friggin destination you gotta reach.

You have to prove something to yourself . This world gains nothing (unless you’re aiming for wildlife protection or global fiscal issues, etc) and thus its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT ANYONE THINKS ABOUT YOU.

With time, one can hope for people to understand if not agree with your choices.

This is not all, sometimes there are a plethora of personal issues that cloud over your oppurtunities. It could be your health, unhealthy addictions, family issues, pressures, unprecedented fiascos, lack of support, monetary pitholes , emotional backlogs, superstitious bullpoopie (oh yes!) , unavoidable duties, work burdens, peer pressure, PROCRASTINATION (That filthy habit) …

Escapism is not an option. Atleast not for most of us. Well that is for foolhardy cowards , anyway. You gotta face life, squarely… pull yourself up from whatever ditch you have so successfully landed yourself into , dust yourself and get back on the highway.

There ain’t no soul who’s going to wait on you (even if they sincerely say so… come on, be practical, please)

Well if you have a rock solid support… perhaps a die hard friend, a loved one who’s gonna pat your shoulder, hug you or whisper kind words of motivation and appreciation… or simply distract you from the rat race of a life we in… then you can consider yourself a little luckier than us other souls. Value it.

For those of us who rely on that little heart, the size of our fist, for hope, inspiration, ass-kickings, love and pain… just calm down. You do not need any support if you’re self sufficient. And another person can ONLY motivate you…not do the job for you (depends).

So live . Laugh. Hope. Dream. But with priorities.

Regret, guilt and spite are the things you want to stay away from… forever. So work on that facet of life and you’ll rock your own world. All the best, mate. Work while you can 🙂

These rough times wont last too long. This, too, shall pass. All we have to make sure is that Sweet Success awaits us at the other end.


The Peace In Strange Companionship


Its a rather cloudy afternoon and I can see the branches of the trees outside my window sway to the hum of the breeze. My roommate has disappeared yet again. Perhaps because she is mortified I caught her clicking a self pic by looking at a mini mirror (atop a pile of books, before her) instead of studying for her exam (that’s tomorrow). Well, I was reading the Immortals Of Meluha by Amish (finally!!) so she thought I wont look sideways but I did and had to bite my lips shut to control my laughter.

So anyway, in my solitude, as I decided whether to study or work on my project… I noticed a medium built monkey with almost human-like grace…slide down via the pipe , hang onto the Chajja (sun shade) and perch itself lithely on the niche  before my window grills. At first it surveyed the (rather disarrayed) interiors of my room with his bead-like, brown, searching eyes….then it leisurely scratched itself… keeping an eye out for me just in case I tried to shoo it away. But I was watching.

I usually get irritated or freaked out coz these monkeys really act crazy..but this one was peaceful and meant no harm. Just silently let itself doze off, leaning against the grills, its nimble fingers grasping a grill and its small head resting on them.

Few moments of co existence in peace. No judgements. Just silence. I felt kind of warm towards it. Like it was a friend. My highly crazy imagination wanted to believe we had been companions in a past life and that it knew we were from the Past while I tried “figuring” it out. Well, I have nothing to say about that.

Just that, it accompanied me in my solitude and watching it sleep was somehow too damn calming. And as I was writing the initial paragraphs, it woke up , looked at me… put its’s hand inside , touched the curtain and leaped onto the pipe, outside and disappeared.

Sometimes you feel a certain peaceful companionship that you cant explain but it leaves you with a tingling and warm feeling 🙂

This was one of those 🙂


Growing Up Too Fast??


In this world, where your popularity is measured by the number of likes on your profile picture or your friends’ circle depends on how many club parties you get guestlisted into… No exaggeration…his is what it has all come down to.

Nowadays a kid thinks he would me be more “accepted into the soceity” if he carries a smartphone (which does not even fit in his baggy pockets) , girls feel comfortable only if they resemble chic trendsetters who come on TV. Your clothes size matters more than your grades or anything else.

I still remember 8th grade when we would run outside to play hide ‘n’ seek, seven stones and other get-roasted-under-the-sun-in-the-playground games. But nowadays, teachers catch kids playing truth or dare, a game I discovered well after, 8th grade, at least. And no it did not contain questions like… choose the hottest male proffessor in the school. God, no way. But nowadays, its become a sick joke. Little crushes are treated like Prince Charmings. And every little girl who’s not even crossed 13 imagines herself as a (platonic, according to me) Bella , waiting for her Edward to rescue her from her mundane life.

The guys arena has changed in ways, that now, they enjoy FIFA on gaming consoles more than, on the fields. They spend thousands on eateries… gone are the days of Krishna stealing Homemade “makhan”…or Dennis the Menace gobbling cookies from the jar… kids nowadays prefer chicken wings and Maharaja Macs. With Pepsi. Damn the waiter if he forgets that.

Kids who haven’t learnt basic BODMAS now use digital calculators on their phones for elementary math. I see WALL E’s story coming true. Oh good lord. And did I mention the craze for WWE aka wrestling games? When my 24 year old friend says he’s enjoying lunch with a couple of friends over WWE, I think to myself…”Guys,” aad chuckle. But when my brothers aged 4 and 9 holler at each other whether Triple H rocks or Batista or John Cena… and slam flashy gaming cards at each other, I feel like Im getting a migrain!

Where are the good old pokemon and digimon days? Uh. I don’t even want to know whether they notice the scarcely clad females who flutter around those steroid (overdrive) fuelled beasts. Oh, last I remember my friends and I fought over GI Joe’s (free with Pepsodent) and Hotwheels Racing Cars. And Claw and Davd were cooler than Call Of Duty and Counter Strike (for kids, at least). I mean how many 5+ kids play Purble Place? Have they even been introduced to the Talking Dog Frankie from Jumpstart First Grade or Madeleine??

Now, social networking. Im utterly surprised to see my sister’s kiddy classmates with (oh my god) fancy names (that freak me out) sending me friend requests.
“XYZ Rulezzz” , ” BrOKENHEARTED XYZ” , “jagz da Cool” … the ghettos , punks, emos and goths would ridicule them at their immature and (hopefully) innocent attempts at appearing swag.

Im not even going to elaborate over the fact that little girls aged 9 or 10 tweet stuff like, “OMG! Look at JB shirtless…my ovaries just exploded” . Yeah, I was as shell shocked.

Im not blaming anyone, here. Stars, TV Serials and Gaming Shows cant restrict their viewership except flash warnings like, “Parental Guidance Adviced” , “Parental Supervision Adviced”, “May contain Explicit Content” etc.

Oh and by the way , “Do not try this at home” is such a hoax. It only fuels the kids to go all the more crazy and jump off bunker beds and land blows at each other coz they “lost their cool”.

Parents NEED to keep  quality control. There is no need to BAN them from TV but at least TALK IT OUT with them because there is way to much exposure and for some reason, it can’t be censored all the time… and thus, its even more necessary that the parents step-in and take a little charge or at least tip their Nannies to do so. You cant’t allow kids to fly around like kites abd later breakdown that they’ve gone out of control. They’re your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and wards. Its your responsibility to show them what you learnt. The good stuff… that majes them happy. We need to bring back the Harry Potter and Winx Club days. We need to show them the dalmatians, the Disney Magic, Neverland, Narnia and other glorious stuff. Help them think out of the box, imagine, wonder and smile. Only Doraemon and Ben 10 wont do! They need to find their light in the right avenues. Don’t load them with lessons. Let them choose whether they want to go for horse riding or ballet or simply sketch lighthouses or grow roses in the front yard or play hopscotch! Show them places where they can experience a little more than home and school. Zoos, theme parks and Recreation Centres offer a plethora of exhibits just for young ones to go crazy on PURE GOID STUFF! Awaken the Adventurer in them 🙂 Help them see the best in everything !

Show them why they need to like brocolli and not lie about brushing before bed or escaping from gym classes. Use fairies, angels and sprites to help you. Don’t instil fear…teach by example. Replace the “monster under your bed” with the friendly Casper!

Im not saying, make them righteous, roo good to be true kids. Let them be naughty, its ojay. Point is, let them be kids and savour their childhood instead of growing up before their time!

Let them be Peter Pans and Pocahontas or Mulan and Kuzco. Let them dance around like elves in the tree house. Let them read out magical Enid Blyton tales to each other and believe that their toys come to life at night and host tea parties. That Enchanted Woods with Faraway trees do exist, that transport you to Magical lands like Topsy Turvy Land or the Land Of Rhymes. Make them love their nature and understand life and nurturing. Let them help you grow a kitchen garden. You have no idea how healthy a bond you could create by spending just a little time with them. Help them grow up 🙂

Teach them the magic of colouring and doodling on paper, decorating their house  for christmas. Have pillow fights, baking parties, swimming outings, cycling marathons. Tell them bed time stories. Make them feel lived. Pack lunch for them instead of giving them lunch money. Help them get less dependent on all that artificial intelligence they are exposed to do. Make them feel home as they are supposed to 🙂

So do what you have to and re-introduce chikdhood to your lil ones before its too late 🙂

Arrividerci 🙂

Doing What I Do

I do what i do and I know my actions have consequences. But whatever they may be, Im ready to take these chances to live my life to the fullest.
My lil adventures will lead me to my own destinations. And I shall be happy that I made it possible through sheer will and hope 🙂

Sometimes, things get a little too hard, or my thoughts muddle up…or the future begins to seem bleak and cloudy…or my past glories don’t seem so fabulous, anymore. These are the times, I expect myself to torch away all the doubt and emerge from the flames as a new human, confident and ready to face what life throws at me. Reminds me of phoenixes, now that’s pretty gorgeous.

If not for these ups and downs; the perpetual need of making oneself feel worthy of good stuff and mood swings (how could I forget that?) , life would seem rather mundane and tasteless. It seems unfair … but we all know it. We were born in this world to do more than just visit disneyland, try all the doughnuts at MOD and play Counter Strike and Sims all day.

I know it feels ( just right) to sit on your couch and watch TV the whole day…especially if its BBT or some other grossing sitcom. But you and I both know that life is much more than just dipping into guilty pleasures.

You have to work for a purpose to make the cut… make it large. So that one fine day, you don’t regret your past. Do not leave things to fate. If you’ve still not realised the fact that you write your own destiny, then Im sorry, but in a very Sheldon Cooper tone I’d say, “I see no hope for a lesser mind like you. I pity your state of indifference and worthlessness”

A bit too harsh? Did that sting? Ah well, Dr Cooper does that to me.

We have to be a little firm with ourselves every now and then or we’d spiral down into a void of nothingness. Not simething particularly eventful, I’d say.

So get all pepped up with your favourite songs, make that perfect agenda andget started with your life… kick anyone who says, “Just chill, you only live once.” Because their definition of choking up on beers and dancing to lousy music in greasy pubs is NOT what you want. Or do you? Uh, make your decision … ! We can do this. You oly dream of things you can actually achieve. That’s what Jack Canfield said.

Well, hoping you’re having an amazing week, I shall sign off now hoping to see you soon (not) at the same time, (not) the same day next week on your favourite blog (maybe)…(and yes I know Im not hosting SNL for such a goodbye, hehe) !

Arrividerci :’)

Midst The Clouds


You climb up to the window,

And stick your head out

You watch the Dancing Clouds

As they perform their Ballad

Each has something to say,

and it will not shy away.

You wonder what Magic

Brought about this change.

Since when did Clouds speak,

And dance so synchronous?

Since when did they brush past you,

with Wispy-Misty Tendrils?

Or maybe, only today

Have you opened your eyes to

The Pretty World

Who awaits to tell you Secrets…

                                                You’ve never heard.

Your joy is boundless

And so are your dreams

To jump out of the window,

And Dance midst the clouds.

But then you realise,

that you are,

but a lil’ human,

And you can’t fly.

Though the Clouds yearned for

Your sweet company,

They have been denied the pleasure,

of Dancing midst YOU!

And so they thunder

with so deep a pain.

And shed some tears,

that’s how came rain.

Its YOU who is magical,

Its you who is serene.

Its you who is beautiful.

Its just that you don’t see….

Shreya Sudesh

                         You Is Kind,

                          You is Sweet,

                          You is Important

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