I was raised with the quote, ‘Beta, books are your best friends. Befriend the words.’

A final year Architecture student who loves to express – through words. And sometimes the words escape the pages of my mind and you can almost hear them as though I’m speaking out loud. Am I ?

I have one big dream. It scares me and keeps me awake at night. But achieve it, I will.

I motivate myself through my blog and share things that I ned to get out of my system.

I do book (remuneration required) / documentary/ art and movie reviews. I can be contacted at : shreya7195@gmail.com

I’m currently based in Bengaluru, India but you’ll catch me traveling in Goa, Kolkata, Kerala, New Delhi, Chennai, Ladakh ,Ahmedabad and perhaps outside, too , in the coming year of 2016.



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