An Abundance of Shreyas


You read that right.
When you have too many ideas, too less time and many platforms to choose from – you get kind of lost.
I don’t blog  for money. Neither do I do it for fame. Most of my posts are just repositories for an unknown future. It’s like a scrapbook of thoughts. My categories are simply useless and tags are just formalities.

I love going through blogs with detailed divisions and segregations. How immaculately done – crisp and clear.

But my blog is like a small house in a cold place – with carpets layered over carpets, soft sofas draped by shawls, magazines and mugs lying everywhere, a gog snuggled up under the table, a lamp lit somewhere – in another room, paintings on the wall with no  signatures, books sleeping on window sills and incense swimming in the warm air. Oh and there must be food down the narrow hallway. And there will be music. But it will be messy. And it will be feel like home. An original, organic feel that will trap you in its comfort. Yes, that’s how I want my blog to be.

And so, I’m going to write in short everyday stories and things I learn so that we can keep this banter going.

I appreciate comments and I love emails. I want to read every story you want to tell.
And write some, too.


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