Happy Valentine’s Day, Chandler Binggg


*In that blood-curdling- nasal-twangy-Janice-From-F.R.I.E.ND.S-tone*

Yes, that’s right. I thought (not less than a hundred times) whether or not to post a V-Day post. I live in this parallel-Universe where Corny-Cheesy V thoughts are frowned upon if not abhorred. Honestly, I’ve always believed if you really have the hearts-kisses-cuddly teddy-thoughts for someone, its going to last for a long time and you don’t need such a day to remind yourselves to go on a date where you’ll probably splurge more than you did on his/her birthday (See : birthdays > concept > totally another Universe. I say, go all out on making someone’s birthday because that is really something. I know I’m contradicting myself. I’m not a hater of celebrations. Hell no, I’m just picky about some. Its a personal blog, remember? So yeah. *winks*)

I believe that besides being a highly successful commercial idea – VDAY is the day you can breeze into someone’s life -ask them out- and no matter what the result be all coy and say, “Well, its Valentine’s day, no?”. Good luck with that.

But if you’re still gummy bears about it, then yes, I do hope you have a great time. But have you heard of these Anti-Valentine Bashes? Now these are the real amazing people. They get together as a symbol of their not being coupled with someone- to party it out – probably meet another specimen who they can then hope to make their valentine next year. Are you serious? You want to party? Partaayyy – why name it like that? Isn’t Valentine’ Day (bless that poor Saint who’s name is getting dragged into all of this) cheesy enough that you have to find an anti for it? There is absolutely nothing to be upset about not having a valentine. Chances are you’re much happier today than most coupled ones. Anti-V is almost asking for pity and louve. Really, you can do much better.

So, today I’m going to do some posts – in a string, yes. My senior blogger buddies must be clucking at the idea of bulk content being pushed into the world at once. I’m sorry, I really have no option here.  Also, I must catch breakfast.

So, yes, if you’re sitting like me staring at a computer or phone- but hoping someone pops the question : just do it yourself. Use this opportunity to make a complete fool out of yourself. I believe in doing things you think you must. Chose the harder option. Silent-love is so 18th Century – “Oh but how do I embrace my love for her when she is betrothed to Master Sullivan?”. Get over yourself and shake that ass with some happiness in you.

Love yourself.

Perhaps, celebrate yourself today (like I plan to despite having a Valentine) and be less hypocritical about it (I’m trying, don’t roll your eyes at me).

My Mum texted me Happy valentine’s Day so I know whose day to brighten up, now. 

Also, dear, do NOT, I repeat : Do not randomly wish people you find cute. Its such a put off. Not even as a  joke. Because, darling, everyone these days can see right through each other. Yes? Good. Time for some good writing now. I love you all, V or not.





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