A mind clear of prejudice

And a voice that doesn’t fear

judgement or criticism.

She walks into the room

with a stride so confident 

and a persona so jovial

that it makes the entire 

room acknowledge her presence.

She’s the one everyone

turns to when there is an

issue to be debated or

voices need to be raised.

Her boldness isn’t gaudy yellow

but a sun-burnt orange 

that makes you linger

despite the brightness.

She writes from her heart

of a faraway pain and a 

stubborn darkness that

has its invisible shackles 

around all our hearts.

You connect to it even if you

wouldn’t agree that

you’ve been there, too.

You either love her

Or you’re shy to accept it.

But she’s got you with 

her enthusiasm and 

spontaneous ingenuity.

Before you know it,

you’re already waiting to 

see her again, like me.

Catch her : Marinated Minds

Read her latest Book – Make It 2 

One of her works that I love the best :


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