Twilight hours


These twilight hours. If you’ve managed to stay awake up until the wee hours without intoxication or adrenaline, then you experience this loosening of a barrage of thoughts. Thoughts you’ve put off for later or avoided altogether. This is the hour they get you. The conscience drops the veil and presents itself.
You may have the tendency to talk at this hour. If not vocally, then through text or art. Because its too early for tomorrow and too for the spontaneous response we’re so afraid of. You are inspired to sow seeds which may or may not germinate into great things… but you’re hopeful enough to try. The milkvan has arrived…its already tomorrow. Will you see the sunrise or sleep till sundown? Will you want to stick to the decisions you made now?
These twilight hours bring us closer to who we are and what we we want to be because we are unafraid. No one is watching and no one will know. You can dance and you can scribble poetry. You can eat the whole pizza in the fridge or do your laundry. Nobody can stop you be yourself because no one owns this hour except you in your own wonder. The limits are subjective and there is no one available to objectify anything.
Respite or thought-soup – depends on how you like it.

5 thoughts on “Twilight hours”

  1. Twilight is indeed shrouded in mysticism. When the darkness meets light and vice versa, our moods turn somber. In Indian Classical Music, all the twilight ragas have a very carefully kept C# note, which gives the raag a somber and melancholy tone. It’s the time, when we are the closest to our soul. Our body is at its most vulnerable at that time. That’s the reason that most of the deaths occur at twilight.

    It was a very profound and deep post, Shreya! Twilight is my favorite part of the day!


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