Kaalai Vanakkam

Its the last Sunday of the semester (cheers) and its a sunny morning. Yes, I’m sounding like a Radio Jockey (which I’d love to be if I could). In 48 hours I will be home. Saamraani pogai mixed with the fragrance of home food…sprays of different perfumes as the elders get ready for work. RJ Balaji or some religious music playing on the radio…Sun TV news running somewhere. And I’ll be missing Hostel and its lazy timings. By 7AM the entire family is out and about. We wake up before Dawn and wind up breakfast even before most people brush. And that’s the trend of most people in our city. Earlier I was run-in-the-mill with the timings because there was school to go to. And now…I’m the vacationer who just wants to sleep-in; watch TV; read books in silent corner; draw on innocent-inanimate objects lying around the house; Whatsapp faraway friends; make plans that don’t materialize, watch more TV, write a few lines and well, wait for dinner. That’s the time the entire family is back again.

‘So, how was your day?,’ they’d ask.

‘Pretty good. I washed those sneakers you asked me to wash last week,’ I’d reply with a proud grin. My sister would cluck at me while the rest of them nod.Yeah, well, come to Tumkur and see my swagger, family. Running behind buses; shouting and singing from autos; eating in the craziest places; dancing  (Or at least eyeing) random wedding processions; making elaborate plans of gate-crashing parties; midnight coffees- what-not. But at home, I’m a cat curled up in a basket. Or that’s what its been like during the college vacations. And I’ve used them all up. No more breezy vacations – now that I’m at the verge of being a grown up – with a job and professional identity (and all that stuff about being busy all the time). At a funny palm-reading session my friend said I’ll be the types who studies a lot in life. Well, if that’s the case I hope there are vacations too(no strings like internships etc attached) because this unwinding is so necessary after grueling semester-ends (please notice I didn’t say semester).

Anyway. Its the end of my last odd semester. So bidding farewell to the oddity of semesters. And hoping this winter break has a lot of good stuff. Let me give you a quick preview. Kolkata is definitely happening for 6 days. Then I’m meeting all (At least most) of my CBC members; visiting galleries throughout Bangalore-Chennai and going to be in conversation with a lot of artist, performers and writers.. so yeah, praying it all goes well 😀

Love journeys.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday.




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