Times change and people,too
Heard not a more clichéd truth.
But some things don’t,
The ones etched deep down .

When things don’t work out
You bury them hopes and feelings
Deep inside your soul
Them feelings make you whole.

Since the day you walked
Into that door in a faded grey
And she told me you’ve lived
Upto everything they say…

Since I first met you in
Through our minds, matching,
I don’t know if its was real
Or a child of my imagination

But it meant the world to me
To be that friend that
Walked by your side
And rode behind your back.

You will always be the Hero
I look upto, that man.
Even if I try to erase you
My dreams do bring you back.

It’s been almost half a decade
And I see you less than
A hundredth of before,
And I’ve simmered down too.

But one waft of your presence
Will loosen a barrage of
Broken thoughts and stitch them
To a lifetime of joy.

I miss the man I once
Pestered as a silly kid, for him.
I still ask him before I do
Great things like I will.

You’ll always be my Hero
Wherever life takes us.
You will always be the
One I’ll smile for even if I’m crying.


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