So what’s this hashtag about? Wait, you don’t even know that its doing the rounds? Well you know the Bangalore Literature Festival? Of course you do. Remember how we stalked Girish Karnad last time? Exactly, that same amazing fest. The only one where you actually get to BE with the people who move you with their words, put you to sleep (in a good way – the reading before falling asleep way) most nights when the going gets tough, the ones that entertain us with satire throughout the year- yes, that one. You’ve seen their names in your bookshelves and on posters. Now you can see them talk, joke around and be themselves with you.

Its a tradition for some of us. And to organize such a meet is no fool’s play. We’ve always seen Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi organize grand ones with Oprah Winfrey et all attending. So some Bangalorians along with a few really good folks from the Literati decided to bring one for Bengaluru – the BLF. And its being conducted pretty smoothly every year, since then. Its a Bengaluru thing now. Just like our Comic Cons, Hindu Theatre Fests and NH7 Weekenders, etc.

Its Our Thing – the bookworms’ retreat. And now someone is trying to put hurdles before it.

Before going any further  I should like to remind you that its scheduled on Dec 5th and Dec 6th in the Royal Orchid, Whitefield , Bengaluru. You have to come because you just can’t miss it. For more deets, schedules, authors-attending, etc:- 

http://bangaloreliteraturefestival.org/  (REGISTER NOW)

No, this is not an advertisement. Far from it. Its more like an announcement because its our own Festival, Bengaluru.

So now introducing the hurdles. The recent #AwardWaapsi and #Intolerance – you do know about it… social media these days is at least doing a great job of News Transfer. So there is this one guy whom we all are grateful to because he brought #BLF with some other geniuses to Blore (like I said) and was the Director of the event until recently when he started facing pressure from Tolerant Bhakts  and  Self-appointed Thekedaars of Our Society because of a recent comment that he made regarding him not returning his Sahitya Akademi Award because he believes it was given to him by the People and other scholars-authors-jurors who’s decision he respects. 

Last I knew we were a Democratic Nation where everyone is allowed to have an opinion at least. Unfortunately, Politics is crossing the line and interfering with the Literati. A friend of mine debated that Literature and Politics are intermingled. So be it. And we like it that way. We encourage healthy debates because then come the solutions – the right questions – the honest views and the repercussions. But intolerance disguised as boycotting/pressure on an individual for having an opinion is not an answer. Come, join us, debate with us – and we shall have a really good time. But trying to pressurize one among us, we will not allow.

Let the pen and its wielders talk. I’m not a politically active person to deserve the right to express anymore views except just to let you know that This is what is happening. And it is unjust. We stand united with BLF and Sampath who created it with the others. So, stand with us if you will. or just come any way because there is A LOT in store for you and its still going to be the celebration that its always been.

Join us all at the BLF 2015 

I have exams starting on the 2nd and I’m hoping on a star that I get to be there. See you all. Good night/ good day to you.



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