Tamasha – A quick review


Our childhood is like a vicious serpent that whispers to us that we are special – makes us believe that we can achieve almost anything we want. And as we grow up- we allow this world; our situations and our own emotional limitations- to crush that serpent under our feet. And now, no one tells us we are special – we face our reality –  of being ordinary, mediocre and simple.

The movie is a cold splash of water on all the Dreamers’ faces who have allowed other concerns of life to subdue the Inner magic that we all hold close to us until one day, we stop acknowledging our true longings-of exploring what excites us. All of us get stuck in a race where we don’t know what we’re running for. And we lose. Not once or twice but consistently until we are just drifting ahead – in the flow, meaningless.

If only we were running in the right race- towards our passion, we’d be so much more better off – complete, happy and grateful for this life.

The story revolves around the above ideology. Little Ved is fascinated by the mythological stories that an old man tells him for some spare change, atop a hill. These stories and the magic they hold in them capture Ved’s imagination. His love for Fiction is not taken well by his Father who belongs to a generation which believes in upholding the values set by their ancestors who suffered the aftermath of the Partition and built new homes from scratch. He is annoyed by Ved’s distractions and wants to mold him into an image of his own. His son bends before his father’s will; gives up his imagination to allow logic and arithmetic to conform him into a person he no longer understands.

Until one fine day, oceans away from his reality, he runs into a fellow traveler. The two of them- in high spirits- decide to enjoy each other’s company in the bliss of anonymity as an experiment and promise each other that they’ll not disclose their identities. Their adventures open them up to each other’s tender realities. What happens in Forsica, stays in Forsica. Or  not. On their last day together, they are bonded by the longing of togetherness and the pain of separation.


Tara (aka Mona Darling) returns back to her reality in Kolkata – where she is the heiress of a Hospitality Giant and is busied by work whenever she is not thinking about Don – her anonymous companion from Forsica. Its like a part of her still belongs with her Journey and that part makes her feel alive despite her loneliness. She cannot settle for anyone other than him. Four years pass by until she lands an assignment in Delhi – and she has a teeny clue to finding Don. But who does she actually meet when she goes there?

Their past was magic. But their reality? She knows she is in love with him and he with her. But its the personalities that have been misplaced. Pain, separation, bouts of schizophrenic behavior as one struggles to find one’s originality while the other makes this one realize The Truth- the unreal feeling of facing your inner demons who come lashing out at you because you have been bottling up your originality for ages-is what happens in their lives.


Imtiaz Ali has done an amazing job of amalgamating theatrics with cinema as goes the name Tamasha. This is no generic movie for the typical audience. This is an eye-opener. Ali tries to awaken the hidden dreamer that’s been locked up inside many of us – through a simple-everyday story with hair-pin bends in the plot. The average viewer may lose interest because of a loss of connect. But the ones who connect, will be hooked.

The music composed by A.R Rahman is a pretty decent score – comprising of songs that are skeletal to the movie and not just blind inserts. The songs bring out the essence : pain, humor , frustration and confusion in various scenes. Catchy and beautiful ones that you’ll be singing by the end are : Matargashti and Agar Tum Saath Ho (which comes in a beautifully scripted and performed scene) and the others have a lot of pop-folk elements in it that will either make you laugh or barf. The more romantic ones include : Safarnama and Ishq Me. A deep, meaningful tune :  Tu Koi Aur Hai which will tear you up. The others like Chali Kahani and Heer Toh Badi Sad just support the movie essentially. Parade De La Bastille is , well, a vibrant composition.


Its a movie that , yes, I’ll watch again if I can. Because it awakens a sense of accepting one’s originality in the viewers. Moreover it has a Wes Anderson charm in many parts. Plus the realism in some scenes will crack you up while deep inside you’re agreeing with the idiosyncrasies of life.

It gets a hearty ***1/2 from me for Imtiaz. Some scenes are so well composed that your eye catches the beauty. The backgrounds, the sets are simply impeccable. The whole coming-together of the various facets is seamless. The past-present infusion. The storyline. Everything

And because of Ranbir’s exceptional performance and Deepika’s portrayal of raw-pain along with delirious excitement in such a , such a delectably elegant way : Another half star.

All in all : A perfect 4. And beware, I’m a dreamer so it struck a major chord with me.

 SPECIAL MENTION : Whoever the set-designer was : Bravo! The entire Shimla segment : The House, the dark school hallway, the hill-top, the Manch where the performance took place : just amazingly nostalgic. 

Forsica was of course breathtaking : the street-view; the cafes and the drive.

And also the theater stage , the Dilli home where Tara stays and well just about everything else.



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Hope you liked this one. I urge you to watch it and post your comments below 🙂 


22 thoughts on “Tamasha – A quick review”

  1. totally agree with you shreya.. and must say well written.. you have beautifully penned down the true essence of the movie. I watched it first day and I feel the same what you feel for the movie. Its a must watch for everyone. Because everybody has a child inside and we need to let it out and once again listen from them that we are special. Good job 🙂

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  2. Thankfully I’m reading this after I’ve watched the movie. 🙂
    I loved the storyline. And yes, Deepika. The only person you can love when she’s crying.
    Although in trying to make it right for the Indian Audience, they lost the plot IMO.

    Loved reading your take, Dreamer.


      1. Arey mine are just for the heck of it. Yours was a good read. Do write reviews. I anyways don’t read reviews before I’ve watched a movie.

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  3. A pretty good review shreya! I could very well comprehend everything you wrote, since even I’m a deep thinker. I’m sure that it’s going to strike a major chord with me too! Can’t wait to watch it 😀

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