ART-ery : Surprises Unfold

“You could be an entrepreneur, a working professional, a mother, a lover, a dreamer or whatever it is you are, we would like to celebrate you and help you find something unique to your personality.”

I’m certainly not the types you’d find sporting a thick gold necklace and heavy bangles. Leave alone the rest of paraphernalia. I like my precious-pieces as elegant as they come. Not too flashy but unique pieces that speak for me. After all they’re an extension of who we are? Wouldn’t you want just the perfect You…that describes you? ART-ery offers pieces that can define who you are on the inside, visually. There’s a piece for every type of occasion – artsy parties, club-nights, weddings or simple office-wear that’s chic and light. Let me some that have got me hooked to them:


Style Code – AC-3ST08-Rope
Color – Gold
Price on request
Contact – +91 85928 59544

Intricate designs, material-sensitivity and attention to detail. Seamlessly suits anyone who decides to wear them but molds itself to your taste. 

You can choose from Arm Cuffs, Anklets, Bangles, Ear rings, rings and necklaces. For a person who shops gadgets and books online, this was a great experience for me. A simple interface which highlights the products : ART-ery is a go-to for some affordable yet delectable designs. A perfect solution for gifts and surprises (men, I hope you’re taking down notes) . But for the independent young women : show your flare for design and ethnic-chic through these. Mix and match; order and get it delivered. More good news? Orders above Rs. 500 can avail Free Delivery throughout the country. Designer is designer. Let me show you my picks so you can actually see what they’ve got up their sleeves :
Style code – ATER-3ST07-SILVERWING
Color – Silver
Price on request
Contact – +91 85928 59544


FR-2ST01-Orange and Gold – Beaded Spherical Ring


Silver Paisley Slip-on Anklet – Traditional and yet contemporary in its singularity. A symbol of the Indian Woman – transitioning yet graceful.


Capture.JPGAnd guess what’s the best part ? All the above articles are priced under Rs. 500. I just heard some budget-shoppers and college-goers (like myself) go yay. Beat the ordinary, find the unique. 

And this I spotted out of the blue. These beauties, well actually, similar ones were owned by my mother who has an exemplary jewellery collection that is elaborate in all its ways – because of all the travelling and experience she’s gained over time. But now I can get my hands on them (for much lesser) :


Style code – ER-2ST32-PEARLCLUSTER
Color – White

Well, before I wrap up I need to show you this because I’m transfixed by it. It was actually a giveaway from ART-ery’s Facebook page. So now you know where to go for future surprises :


We’re all trying to carve out a niche for ourselves in this world’s collective sphere of recognition. Why not choose apt symbols while we’re at it?

ART-ery has a young, vibrant and yet elegant collection. The designers are determined to provide you the best trends of the season. Why not support their craft and gain from it? Doesn’t their name ART-ery say it all? Based in Trivandrum its  a fast growing; trend-setting store. Be the first among your clique to order from here and spread the news. Brownie points up for grabs.

Create that Fashion Statement, start here !

You can catch the ART-ery fever this season via:


Instagram – ART-ery

Blog – ART-ery







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