Love In The Times of Professional Degrees

Love in the times of Cholera Professional Degrees. Yes, you read it right. If work from multiple assignments; hobby projects and social commitments aren’t killing you already you have the whole hormone-drive and status-quo to think about. Well, I belong to the class which doesn’t really care about the latter (or do we, subconsciously? ) 

You crash last minute to a party- meet someone by absolute chance. Things go pretty okay. And you begin talking until you have nicknames; share embarrassing stories; discuss food-politics-food again; have tiffs- basically, the point where you actually start getting used to talking to them and borderline like them.

Then one fine day, you’re scrolling down silly pictures of theirs and suddenly they’re busy too often. Boom. They’re preparing for GRE. Or TOEFL. Or something that tells you that they’re eventually going away. Just like that guy you met at the Blogger’s Meet; your best friend you couldn’t say goodbye to before he left for Germany and all the others who now post pictures standing before monuments they can’t spell with their other Asian and French buddies; your cousin who was 9-pointer and so many others. While you sit here and plan what to do for your Thesis, they’re booking plane tickets to London. Just perfect. What the hell is a person still completing their Bachelors got to do? Date younger people? Or the ones who are done with all this emigration and back? Perhaps. Uh, na.

So anyway, that’s the story of us kids trying to make our name but falling in love without a thought- getting the heart to flutter- tire its wings-put it back to sleep and get back to the grind – the regime involving your entire week and endeavor. What is love supposed to do but take the back seat? Screw it. eh?

Just random thoughts after a conversation please don’t try reading between the lines, its just blank sleeplessness. Have a nice week. Arrividerci.


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