I know, I know its been ages since I last wrote something in here (not that anyone else is checking but myself). I’m giving no excuses except one : Its 7th Semester. The semester where all your professional subjects are packed in so that your 8th can be reserved for your Thesis (the Grand Finale of your collegiate education) . But I know of working professionals with kids et all who make it a point to write, proofread and post something every day or at least every fortnight.

I choose to wait for free mornings like this when class is at 10AM and I’ve got time to have an elaborate breakfast with coffee. Ah, Friday mornings.

But TGIF makes no sense to students like me who have class on Saturday even if its a *half day*. Sunday cannot be counted as a holiday because all I do is laundry and prepare for the week ahead. Saturday night is pretty much the only time we get to chill. And by chill, I mean : watching Futurerama or Modern Family in jammies with dinner on our laps. Or watching movies with Roomies (again, in the room) or go for a leisurely stroll in the bustling back gate road  (because a stroll is all you can afford by the end of the week)

There, there.

Weeks pass by like nobody’s business. Just last week I ranting about how we don’t have a free evening because of Design in the mid-week and its already the next Friday ! Are you kidding me? When did the days go zooming past? How?

Ah! Anyway, soon there won’t be college scenes and a new life awaits us. The escapist in me is already marking plans while I try to make memories.

Well, I bought a note book to help me write as and when I want to but Um.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a great week. And no my love for Nivin Pauly (and his cute family)  hasn’t decreased a bit. I’d still put it as my wallpaper or WhatsApp picture but Mum thinks its crazy. Gotta listen to the mother.



2 thoughts on “TGIF?”

  1. Ha ha.. Loved your love towards Nivin Pauly.. Even my mom thinks its crazy.. 🙂
    Have a happy weekend dear… Enjoy the college life.. Even if its hectic ya boring these are going to be the best days in your life… 🙂


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