Chocolate Day?


Hellogiggles sent me a Happy World Chocolate Day email at around 2:38 AM so I’m not sure whether it was/ is still going on in my side of the planet. Anyway, Mum baked the yummiest chocolate cake ever in the morning before we woke up (because she kept promising she’ll bake it since the past few days) And that was breakfast was Rhea because she had 2 pieces while I allowed myself one. Because I had oats waiting and a cup of green tea. See, I’m eating healthy! At least for breakfast.

Then, yesterday was an amazingly lazy day until Rhea came back and we zoomed off in the scooty (with the helmet, mind you) and went to four different super markets to hunt for things that they each sell separately. And finally we ended up almost finishing my holiday budget (which is a tiny yet good sum) in ONE go. I’m praying for a reimbursement. Let’s see (I’ve even kept the bills safely).

My loooong stack of books look at me from across the living room with those shreks-puss-in-boots’ eyes. And I have like two weeks of vacation in which I have planned a lot. So.

Urban Tree is organising a Blogger’s Meet on the eleventh of this month and I got an invite yesterday. I’m hoping bloggers turn up because otherwise I’d be a tad bit disappointed (unless they give me one of the five blogging awards). I’m going to miss my blogging buddies Sarabjeet, Sreesha and Farooq (all of whom you can find on my twitter list) amongst other blogger pals I’ve made via IndiBlogger .

The maids in our house are a little um I don’t have a word. One uses the radio like she owns this place. On full volume that too even if I’m on the phone. I understand they like it and I’m grateful for her affection but. Just but.

I just put a full stop after but. Grammar Nazis burn. I used to belong to that clan until I realised I’m not proficient enough to judge anyone else.

What else?
Excited about HOARDING up college supplies.Taking my scooty to college town this semester on the STRICT CONDITION that I entertain 0 pillion riders. Unless it’s a medical emergency, of course. It’s gonna be tough saying no. But I’m that sour grape when I need to be. We basically live along a Highway in Tumkur so my folks don’t want me to take responsibility of that kind. Let’s see.

I’m ending too many statements with “Let’s see” . This cannot be too good.

Ramadan season is on and all my buddies keep posting lovely Sehri-Iftar pictures and I just want to go to Hyderabad for all its worth.

I’m yet to watch Sweeney Todd. And Im going to watch Papanasam (Tamil movie) starring Uzhaganayagan Kamal Hassan soon which is a remake of a malayam movie Drishyam starring Lalettan.Its a very nice story and I urge you all to watch it (with subtitles if you don’t understand the southern tongues).

I hope you’ve been having a great summer (or whatever season’s on in your part of the country) because I have haha!

Oh oh and Catch Modern Family on Star World especially if you miss Kiddo Manny and Luke because they are airing Season 1 where they’re so adorable.

Lots of love



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