Beware. A big fat post is soon to drop by.


Amidst the euphoria of finishing three books (reading, hehe) in a row; having eaten oats regularly (regularity is my Waterloo) ; having climbed the Srivari Mettu (Tirumala-Tirupati) Climb (2500 steps); Pondicherry-short-trip; becoming a pasta expert; fixed my own scooty (Dad did, actually. I prayed) etc etc my head is brimming with thoughts I can’t seem to put a finger on.

I catch one fish (of thought) and the other distracts me allowing its mate to escape. My friend (also our new tenant Tanya) suggests chakra healing et all. Being a Russian (Serbia) she knows more about Mata Kundalini and meditation than any of us (at home) do.
My Mom would like me to relax but 20 is NOT an age to relax. I’m supposed to have figured it out by now. I should be working towards my supreme goal, tirelessly. But here I am writing a blog post.

In other news, I reset my computer this losing allllll my Chrome bookmarks (I want to cry) ; my favourites -this-that, my software’s (the handy VLC etc) and now I’m stuck with some WiFi adapter issue etc. Nor is my moto-G 2 working too awesome. These gadgets handicap us, I SWEAR.

But the escapist that I am, I found peace in books. Even though I proudly quote Einstein to others, I need to heed his advice myself.

To live a Happy Life,
Tie your life to goals not objects or people.

Seee? Cool , yes?

Only I wish it were that easy. Also got some amazing Dawn French books and THE ENTIRE PHILLIP PULLMAN His Dark Materials trilogy.

That makes me happy. What else?
I’ve still not met anyone in Chennai because I’m a wonderfully, preoccupied, lazy person. I’ve watched a lot of Johnny Depp though.

I ate pancakes for the first time in my life, last week at a friend’s place in Pondicherry.

And, I think I’ll go the beach this weekend. Oops, TGIF.

Hardly a month left for college to reopen. Perfect time to start moving about it.

Hoping SOMEBODY/SOMETHING has a nice, short answer to all my confusions.

And I hope you’re having a jolly-good summer!

Love always,


7 thoughts on “Beware. A big fat post is soon to drop by.”

  1. Wow. You are doing a lot of things ( reading , traveling and writing ).

    You can sign in to Chrome browser, which keeps track of all the bookmarks and the history of web activity. And the best thing is your could sync up on all devices.


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