What Interstellar has left me with.

Its 5AM and I’ve not slept for 42 hours straight. Design made sure of that. I didn’t eat for most of it. After the submissions, I couldn’t sleep or eat. Just spoke to my folks because that’s the onlt thing I could do. Sometimes you just push yourself in a certain direction that you don’t know is right or wrong. But you have to, anyway. Life. The decisions you made in the past tick to your present. And these, your future. So I decided to watch Interstellar shortly after wishing my friend her birthday (And a couple of Superwoman Videos and what-not)

At first I couldn’t understand. Was it a documentary. Is this supposed to be the 60’s. Hey there is a laptop! And a drone. What place is it. US had such a huge blight-crisis? When. I couldn’t piece it together right until the very end. In fact as it settle into me, I started begging, ‘Please don’t be fiction. Please don’t be fiction.’ 

There were scenes in the movie that made me stop breathing and mirror their expression. Not for a second I realized that hours had passed by. The entire concept of relativity has got my wiring screwed up. I can’t think straight anymore. Is our reality THAT mould-able. And multiple dimensions. And THEY are us.

I’m bleeding at the thought that such a masterpiece can never be created. While it ended I was asking, no crying, for a part 2. I want it. I want it to play. STAY. Hans Zimmer. Just how things perfectly get sewed together to create such a thing. I can’t stop wondering if people are trying to reach out to us from up above. The multiple dimensions. Forgive me here, but what we call God…is it just an inexplicably evolutioni-zed version of us, Humans. This is driving me crazy. How is one supposed to just move on from a situation like that? I only want this fuel. This energy that the movie has driven into me. How am I supposed to attend class tomorrow and do design. My entire life has changed. Nolan. They don’t praise you just like that, now, do they?

Love. Its infinite reach. Through spce-time-everything. Stronger than gravity. Omnipresent. Makes me think.

PS: I had decided NOT to be one in the crowd and didn’t watch the movie till today. What a fool I would have been if I had let this go. And there were times, initially, when I wanted to be an astronaut. Tough as it is. I know its the initial energy that pumps us into thinking we can be it all. Troubles me that this energy fades as we move on with the day and allow reality to take shape…or shape our mind. I want this to stay. Stay till I find something worth doing that it can power itself. My life will be about searching that. Good day.

Infinity and beyond.


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