988327_10150368219784945_1686796201_nMindfullness practioners say that Fear needs to be accepted and treated with kindness instead of treating it as a threat. Fear is not a three-headed serpent but the reaction of our mind to situtations in life. And yes, I know, a couple of them get balled up in our heads. Fear leads to unnecessary overthinking, procrastination and feelings that just bring us down. We don’t need that, do we?

So, just ACCEPT  the fear and NAME it. Know what it is. Sometimes when we can’t point what the problem is, its hard to deal with it. Diagnose your fear. And then sit with it. See how you can deal with it. Breathe deep and slow until you’re calm and treat your fear like a child. See how you can solve your problems and tame your mind to feel calm.

There’s always something we can do about things. The magnitude does not matter. Small steps that can lead to something better. 

There’s more to write but I have to squeeze in episodes of Friends and breakfast. Will get in touch, soon.

Love 🙂

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