Help & Charity

Honestly speaking, whenever I help someone (if at all I’m I’m in a position to be helpful) I’ve noticed I do it regardless of the returns or consequences. And they are small things, really. Never help with the expectations of reciprocation. Because sometimes what you ask for may not be in their power to give or so they might think. Or maybe they just forget. Nobody owes you, Friend. You own Jo one. So help because you want to and because you’re human and for love.

Now, about Charity. Oprah Winfrey (even though she made TV Shows about the things she did…perhaps, to inspire others) said that you shouldn’t speak about the Charity you’ve done because then you’re just boasting and that kills the entire idea of being good. Starve the ego, fee the soul, remember?

Its not tough and I know its not a pressing issue. But trust me, there is a happiness that you attain when some one smiles because of you. That will give you sleep at night. Wishing you most and more on this Easter Sunday. Love.



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