The Lady By The Well

I’m an illusion in your mind,
You play by my rules
To keep me in your thoughts
Or I’d run away and escape into
Another’s reverie.

You saw me by the well
When the demons of your soul
Had ripped you apart and you
Wished to part with them even
If it cost you your life.

Then you saw me by the well,
Weeping for a demise that already
Took place in my mind when I saw you
Climb the stairs and sit at the
Brink of death.

Another soul would roam
Homeless and latch onto me
Another dream would disappear
Even before it turned into a
Shadow of hope.

Your eyes held my moist eyes
And you, like many others,
Captivated by the sadness in them
Caught your breath before realising you couldn’t hold me for the life of you.

Because I am made of mist.
I am a lost soul that herds the
Others from plunging into an abyss.
I am a seraph you’d have to lose your
Sanity for, to hold close.

I smiled at you, cautiously
Trying to wake you up from the
Dread that pushed you to
Give up on yourself and those
Who hold you close.

Your lips faltered into a line
That mirrored mine and I knew I’d
Changed your heart. And I could feel the embers in your heart begin to give a faint glow.

My work was done. I’d saved myself
Of yet another burden and now I
Could continue to search for a respite for the damned souls that I held
In my tote of the Hallucinating Departed.

You watched me leave. Your eyes began to smart. A voice in your heart wanted to follow my pariah self.
But you knew I wouldn’t turn around
For the death of me.

Years passed and you learnt to smile
Ever grateful to the Seraph by the well.
The one with grey eyes and saltless tears that stopped you from plunging into her tote of forlorn souls.

She was beautiful in a cold sense
And she still haunts your fantasy.
And this time you know she will
Gladly accept your beating heart in return of her constant companionship.

But you know better.
So you look at the sun, say a prayer.
Your kids play in the yard and you
Can hear their carefree banter.
You know hope, you know life.



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