A Better Human

I’ve been lucky to know some extraordinary people in my life. We all get to meet them but even though its not tough to miss their spark, some of us do. And miss a chance of being around personalities we can learn so much from. I’m not talking, academically. I’m talking about that part of education that most of us miss out on. That piece that makes education wholesome.

Developing one’s Emotional Quotient. Most of us, myself included, usually tend to help others with this unconscious idea that when we are in need, they’ll help us back. Or so that we’d never be alone. Or perhaps, because we owe it to them. But that’s not in the right spirit. No I’m not getting moral on you.

When we come  into the world, we are pure…free of prejudices; void of judgement. And as we grow, the society and everything we see around us develop layers of survival-of-the-best-instincts .What happens now is that we THINK TWICE before helping anyone fearing that they might get ahead of us in the rat race of life when actually it is not your job to have an opinion about anyone’s progress, in the first place. Comparison is the decline of relationships and I don’t need to elaborate on that topic, do I ?

Basically, when we know we can help someone, we must. No thought of reciprocation should hold us back. Liberate your damned soul. I stress upon this virtue because WHY NOT?

Most of the times when we feel spite against someone or feel selfish, its just a mirror of the things we are not doing in life. If a friend asked you for data that you’re thinking of probably not sharing with her because you wanna use it at a later date, it shows your procrastination and nothing else. Instead, why not share it with her and work together?

Secrecy is fine when its family matters or things that can actually harm you if they went viral. Or if its a secret which is not yours to share. But if you can help someone with your data,your services or talent, please don’t hold back. You are on this planet to become a better person. Leave no chance to do just that. Just be happy, my Reader, we have a lot to learn and do.

Those extraordinary people I spoke about earlier, they emanate a kind of warmth : love that holds everyone around them in orbits like the Sun holds the planets. People gravitate towards them and you know why? Because they are humble, they are unconditionally helpful and motivating, because they know the purpose of their life and don’t believe in holding back the goodness they can spread.

I’m not getting all Mother Teresa on you. This is just a reminder to myself to be more giving and helpful and not expect reciprocation. Don’t feed your ego 🙂 Live free. Love,




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