Key to Sleep

I know you’ve done it all (or nothing) : drank water, exercised, maintained sleep cycles etcetera to get a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP .

The real mistakes we do are easily avoidable.

First of all, usage of phones or exposure to screens emitting UV rays or Blue Light can hamper your sleep! So use Blue Light filters and no TV before sleep. Read or go for a shower instead.

I know tube lights are a staple but a little candle lit atmosphere right before you sleep can keep those UV’s away.  And help.

Lavender helps. You can used the oil on a tissue or fabric and keep it at your bed-side table.

Sunlight exposure for about 30mins throughout the day : walk, yoga on the terrace , just about anything.

This can help. Have a pre-sleep routine so that when you start doing those things in order, your body knows it’s time to relax.

Personally, I read before I sleep.



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