They must be on their way to the Railway Station now to board the 20:20. They’ll probably reach Manipal University by morning and the Grand Fest will begin.

I regret not going. But didn’t Monroe say Regret is stupid? I couldn’t afford 4 days of good-times in one of India’s most cool colleges famous for their parties and campus-life. To make it worse, Farhan Akhtar ; Pentagram and Parikrama are performing. I’m going to miss Vishal Dadlani singing onstage. That’s killing me the most. I Louve him. Someone please go tell him, okay? And anyway Sindhis and I get along very well. My two best friends are Sindhis. Okay, Monroe was right, I can be stupid.

Moving on, I’ve started this tea-drinking routine. The brown-milky kind. Oh Green tea got discontinued because Raayu and I both forget to buy lemons. But now she’s on her way to Manipal but her book arrived : “Notes From Underground” . Point is, you won’t find me instagramming Green Tea pics any soon.

I’ve actually revamped the Insta. No more Lo-Fi and Hefe for this girl. Its too flashy, you see. I didn’t realise it until recently. Its not the feeling I want my pictures to give.

Design’s tomorrow. After 2 weeks. Nobody has a clue what to submit. I’m going to revise my Zoning and get order in it. Perhaps make a customisable model. Have to work on the concept as well. No, I’m not going to work all night. Its senseless to do that because you’re just doing things without thinking through after a certain point and then, those small decisions can change the entire course of your design. In a good or bad way. No one can tell. The Dining room….waitttt…Tamil songs!!
( 10 seconds later)
Okay so I ran downstairs! Haha! Its Vellai Illadhu Pattadhari’s song 🙂

This makes me happy. I think I’ll have dinner and go upstairs, directly.

Gotta get back to my reading habits because its almost scary that I can’t read beyond a few at a stretch. It’s true, Mom.

I tried going all classy with Susan Sontag. Left it. Then Rebecca Solnit. Left it. Then tried Alan Watt and phased out. So I picked up Cecilia Ahern “The Time of My Life”.

If you judge me for Rom-Com, I don’t care. Books are books and words are magic. Can’t expect me to be Atwood’ing all the time.

Have a good night/ day.


PS : Need help with changing my theme. Suggestions welcome. Love 🙂

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