All that Meets the Eye.

Being plain Jane is an experience in itself.
Its not that I don’t take time or I can’t plan to dress well.

I just feel comfortable in my skin, the way I am. And I need not hide the blemishes I have because they are part of me, too.

If beauty were only physical, then this world wouldn’t be the amazing entity we think it to be.

Because all wonders would meet the eye.
You would never have to dip your hands into the cool water to feel its beauty because all its enchantment would be in its form.

What meaning would fragrance have?
Or music even?
And what about words?
The million things they make you feel…all in the distance between two periods?

Meaning, depth, experience and beauty go together. Physical beauty is a blessing, yes. But it’d be rather phony without all its inner enigma.
Love it all.


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