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I'm wearing the black tee if you can see me looking all enthu-cutlet when I'm actually a nervous wreck doing breathing exercises in my head. Shanti.
I’m wearing the black tee if you can see me looking all enthu-cutlet when I’m actually a nervous wreck doing breathing exercises in my head. Shanti.

I have enough work to fill the entire Sankey Tank but I will sit before my laptop reading blogs; thinking of tweets to make people laugh; getting lost in BuzzFeed; worrying about work et all. And honestly, I hope Dad is not reading this because he will not be too happy to see me chilling in blogosphere when I told him I’m going to be taking rest when I’m not pounding away in the grounds or working on college-stuff.

So today, we had this Departmental Exhibition and Quiz along with a Presentation by the Eighth semester students on their projects for Ethos and Saint Gobain’s joint venture. I still remember sitting in the middle row, watching my seniors battle it out to win the quiz and wonder how they managed it. And suddenly, a year later, there I was writing the preliminary test for the same quiz’s next edition. I kinda knew my team comprising of a senior Sahaana (humblest ever), my hyper self and Faizu, my junior, could make it through the Qualifiers but then that was just about it. We entered the top six of about thirty something teams and then my seat caught fire.

Sitting before an entire department of students of which 120 of them are your juniors, is a bit nerve-racking because you’ve officially signed up to make a fool out of yourself if you go too wrong. Anyway, one by one as the rounds passed by I learnt that I do retain a lot even post exams and that reading helps a LOT. And so does inquisitiveness. All those hours I spent reading Architectural articles or browsing through projects did not go in vain. Ha! Okay enough showing off. My senior was pretty amazing, too. And so was Faizu for her level. As a junior you are bound to get dazed by all that information. When we were declared, I was euphoric. I get competitive, a little more than I should, at times. I’m flawed, I’m human. Go!

After the excitement started washing down I realized life moves on and that we have design tomorrow so we began work.

Sixth semester began like two weeks ago and we’ve already given submissions. You can imagine the pace at which we are progressing. I wish sleep was optional because I find it to be a hindrance in my work-schedule. I’m sure others will agree. Speaking like a workaholic, aren’t I? I wish.

Also, because today was so Happening, I woke up to my first crush’s Engagement pictures. God, am I public about such things. But I’ve grown since then and now it doesn’t matter. So anyway, he’s getting married at 23 and how adorable the couple is. It was like a bell ringing in my head warning me to Not pay attention to frills, fancies and crushes as well, temporary they are. In an ideal world, great things happen. But for us crazy ones, everything has its own way of manifesting in our life, don’t you think?

I bought strawberries the other day for forty bucks. Heavenly they were. Tomorrow, grapes. There are two oranges lying on my table waiting for attention but I’m actively ignoring them. Why? I wonder myself. 

In other news, I’m absolutely tired of BJP vs AAP tweets. What’s congress doing midst all the drama? I don’t really care. Not like I don’t care about the nation’s politics. I’ve just had enough of it through all feeds. Somewhere in between the Government is frying the All India Bakchod Roast, also. Like, seriously? 

My short stay in Bengaluru has inspired me to start watching Rugrats again. How many of you remember our old Nickelodeon Serials and all? Revisiting some classics through slow hostel wi-fi when Architecture permits.

Well that’s today’s quick update. Task for you : to let me know if your life has too many strings, too? 

And if you’re looking to do something: Watch 90’s TV Ads from India. So entertaining, oh God!



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