Quikr, Better and Faster

It’s my Sunday Ritual to catch the 6AM bus back home to Bengaluru where my Dad stays in hi Government Quarters; have him make his signature omelette and coffee after which we’d spend the next half of the morning washing the car and my Scooty as we’d exchange the week that was. College life always had new episodes, almost every day and he wanted me to spare no detail. Phone conversation was not our thing. For some reason, the two of us get all nervous and find ourselves at a loss of words when we’re on the phone. So we are minimalist callers and our friends return us the favor through emails and Facebook. Oh and texts, of course. Or best, person-to-person, face to face.

‘You know, I spent a hefty amount on getting it’s battery replaced, last week,’ he said as we carried two buckets of water, each, downstairs. By it he meant my 3 year old Scooty Pep Plus that we’d bought during my tuition days but now stood like a shiny-sculpture beside the car in the garage.

‘But I don’t even use it,’ I replied.

‘Well, that’s the point. A vehicle needs regular use for its battery to keep fit,’ he said, giving me a slight you-don’t-value-your-things look and I responded by engrossing myself as scrubbing mud-guards.

‘It’s of no use to me for the next three years, Pa. I have a cycle in Tumkur and that does it. I don’t need this, anymore. Moreover, I can’t afford the petrol with the allowance I get,’ I replied trying to get back at him.

He just chuckled.

‘Let’s let go of it. Let’s sell it. Do you know anyone who’d buy it, in college?’

I didn’t but I knew we could get buyers anyhow through online apps and I’d just recently sold three-semesters worth of text books through Quikr.

‘There’s Quikr, you’ve seen their ads. I’ll get you the app on your phone,’

‘Why don’t you do it, yourself? Be independent. It’s your scooty, yes?’ he replied.

But the last time I remember having made and received like some fifty calls before deciding upon a  buyer, the price and the rendezvous point. And I was a tad bit queasy about having to talk to strangers and putting my cellphone number online. What with all these Caller identifying apps…one’s identity is on the loose for every Tom, Dick and Harry who is jobless enough to stalk folks.

But it had to be done as there was no other way I was sure of. I should probably request someone who’s better with calls to do this for me, I thought ,as we finished the washing and left the vehicles to dry under the sun (that was hidden behind Bengaluru’s clouds)

Dad settled on his couch before the TV. Cricket was his go-to on weekends while I made lunch. And I could experiment to my heart’s content as long as something remotely edible was put up on the table by afternoon.

I sat in my room to YouTube old episodes of Rugrats.

Home is where the WiFi is Open and Unlimited

YouTube had me wait for a few seconds as it buffered the advertisement (too).

And there it was! Quikr introducing some update in its app. As if the internet had ears all over it knew just what I was looking for. And much to my surprise they were introducing their Chat Application : Quikr Nxt where in one can interact with the customers through text and multimedia messages which meant no more facing calls where I muddled up prices, forgot previous deals and even under-quoted my price once.

The benefits were multi-fold. For once, I’d be able to keep my number from prying eyes which is a boon not only for women but for just about anyone who wanted privacy. A phone number is nowadays an integral part of one’s identity and social structure. One public Quikr ID and that’s just about what you need.

Moreover you can supply specific details to each customer according to their need. Say, one is interested in how large the Carriage box is and the other wants to see how the headlight design. All you have to do is send them the picture detail they want instead of posting each detail online which is pretty tedious, to tell you the truth. Its more transparent, this way. The customers, too, get fair specs.

The best part, though, is that you no longer have to write details on post-its or the in the back-of-the-diary because you have all the records saved in your chats and can refer to it anytime.

Time’s on your side as you can be assured that your caller can text you whenever he/she wants and you can reply at your convenience during the course of the day. And vice-versa.

Even as a buyer you may have a hundred doubts but may miss out on getting them clarified whilst talking (let’s not even start talking about bills here especially for budget-people like myself) because you know, we’re just human. But now you can ask anything, anytime without worrying about disturbing your seller.

What else? The interface is pretty smooth and the tech-team has spent about 90% of their time (before opening the app-feature for public use) on checking and terminating any bugs that can interfere with your purchase/sales.

I ended up getting about seven buyers within twelve hours of posting my advertisement and we chatted whenever we could and I sent them the pictures they required. Dad and I actually fixed upon a buyer before I left for Tumkur, the next morning. Now all Dad had to do was take the Scooty to the coffee shop we decided upon, meet the buyer and make the sales. How easy for all of us, don’t you think?

If not for this Update that Scooty would be lying in the garage year after year until it went limp forever.

Their website explains it all : http://www.quikr.com

Know more by following the #QuikrNxt hasthtag on Twitter, too. So what do you have to sell/ buy?


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