Indiblogger Meet 2015

Sometime after the Republic Day celebration and the Obama-visit-hype simmered down, I woke up one morning and following the trend that most of us are part of, checked my phone even before sitting up on my bed. A few notification from here and there, thanks to all the night owls.

And my email inbox was exploding and needed some clearing. There I found, sitting snugly, an invite to the IndiBlogger Meet 2015 in Bengaluru. And I was like, ‘Say whaaaat?’

I’d never been to a meet before nor did I know anything about it except the fact that they were held regularly in different cities depending upon the Sponsors. Even worse, despite the wave of excitement, I realised I hardly knew anyone on IndiBlogger as I had never really taken the time to comment on the posts I read. I can easily blame college and all the other things that enter your life once you complete two decades of existence.

But that would just be a cover-up for my laziness. What I needed most was some inspiration and fun. And Indiblogger had set it all up. All I had to do was register and that I did within minutes. The next thing was…hey, it’s a friday night thing. Where will you crash? Thankfully, I have helpful souls who agreed to accommodate me in their abode. Okay, that was long-drawn. I have amazing seniors which huge loads of patience and big heart, that’s all. They took care that I reached my venue on time in the best possible way.

As soon as class got over, I caught the first bus to Bengaluru almost jumping with excitement. After a really good kadhi-chawal-rajma lunch I set out for the venue at about 1600 hours and traffic made sure that I reach ITC Gardenia right on time at 1730 hours where the warm staff led me to their Mysore Hall where the event was being organised by the IndiBlogger Team and ASUS.

The theme was #GoSleeekAsusExperience which featured ASUS’s All-In-One PC’s which is an Elegant blend of everything you require in a PC that comes in a sleek package. With ET2230 Series’ Razor-sharp  FHD display (LED) it offers instant-on brightness and allows the PC to be ultra slim and light. Edge-to-edge 21.5-inch widescreen display that brings life to the vibrant display. Be it movies, web-surfing, games, media through drives or even the regualr television…everything gets a new feel to it.

Built in SonicMaster Technology gives you the audio experience you’d been waiting for. And as for its performance, its backed with the latest 4th-generation Intel Core processors and is energy-efficient with impeccable performance. Multi-tasking has never been easier with you being the master in control of all the apps.

Coming to the event, we started off by quickly signing and making our arrival known to all. Two huge screens winged the main-stage where in latest tweets and check-ins were displayed. That helped in the interaction process like crazy. Too see yours and your friends’ tweets up on the screen with our crazy hash tags was great fun. Live screens are the real sheez.

I stared wide. The hall was absolutely beautiful with round tables arranged everywhere with chairs around them and people smiling and chattering their way. It was a great sight to see so many people gathered in one place because of their common love for blogging and making their voice heard. And you could say in one glance that they were having a time of their life. My reel of happiness came to a sudden stop when I realised I had no one to talk to except just one friend I’d made the previous evening so I quickly messaged him.

‘Find the only Sardar in the room’ said Sarabjeet or Mused Cynosure as he calls himself on Indiblogger and Twitter. It’s his blog’s name,too. He was already setaed with his friends Sreesha ( @petrichorclouds) and Preethi Venugopal. I joined them and within minutes introductions were on the way. Soon another friend of theirs, Farooque (@BadmashFRQ) , joined us. And he’d peddled his way to the venue. Instant friends we became, our lot. And after that there was no stopping us. So much of laughter coupled with a bit of polite heckling and madness. What would I have done without them? 

As a welcome we had a Band Performance. Perfectly tunes with the Lead Vocalist waking us up from the weekday tussle. They got us on our feet, made us headbang and jump. It was pretty cool. After this, Anoop Zombie as he’s popularly known as, took the stage as the master of the ceremony and was he a bag full of energy!


The IndiBlogger team left no stone unturned to get us lazy people  to run around, making introductions, breaking social barriers, literally and getting to know the other bloggers. When they say meet the bloggers they mean it. A series of quick events took place. The first, where we had to convince other bloggers to give us any of their personal belongings. It could be anything…from a bus ticket to a well, piece of ginger as one of them got it. All dorts of crazy items were making the rounds. I, myself, got Starbucks straws, Pudin Hara tablets, bus tickets, passport-photographs et all. I also collected some twitter handles and Blog URL’s so I can stay in touch with the folks I met. 

The next task awaiting us was something like AdZap where in we were divided into five teams based on where we were sitting. Each team was given a theme and they had to create an Ad for IndiBlogger based on it and keep it a secret from the other teams who had to guess it based on your acting!

We got ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’ and we had two group leaders to help us organize. Ideas poured in from all the bloggers and there was a lively discussion with all of bounding up and down. We came up with the Message In A Bottle thing where we’d be ship looting people’s thoughts unless they joined IndiBlogger. All I know is it was great fun acting on-stage, throwing bottles (empty plastic ones, of course) and chanting Pirate Stuff with all our Ahoys and Hurs!

Then Mr. Chu, ASUS’s representative gave a quick introduction about the project while Anoop gave out vouchers for all the bloggers who’d won in the events. ASUS has some real good stuff lined up in its AIO PC’s that were also displayed. We got elaborate tech-tours of the entire PC by trained professionals. I’m sure the tech bloggers were buzzing with inquisitive-bubbles while the rest of gawked in awe. 

Our Maston ka Jhund, as I like to call it, hunted for the plates of starters that were being served around. Paneer, babycorn and chicken. Well, food makes us who we are…foodies. We met so many interesting people and had a lot of fun cracking jokes and doing God-knows-what-all. It amazing how complete strangers become such great friends and its so much fun hanging out with them. Members were from all parts of the India. And we were all smiles and selfies throughout the event.


Dinner was served in an adjoined Banquet Hall. The passage was decorated with exquisite paintings and adorned with the most beautiful Crystla Chandeliers. I hve to hand it to ITC Gardenis for fabulous interiors and attention to detail though yes, their washrooms’ fixtured need help. The rest was pretty good. 

Hungry from all the running around and talking, we were delighted to see three courses of food waiting for us. The salad bar had all these cutesy things that I actively avoided while Sarabjeet and Farooque took generous helpings of them. I was focused on the Dahi-paapdi. Some things never change. It applies to my love for Chaat.

The main course had lovely Murgh and Mutton dishes with Tandoori rotis and Chicken Dum Biryani and Fried Rice laid there. God, my mouth’s watering all over again as I type this. Isn’t yours? Paneer and mixed vegetable Quorma joined the delicacies.

We chatted for a long time while we enjoyed the food before hitting the desserts where cheesecakes and chocolate mud pie awaited us along with s’mores. 

As Dinner concluded, the sad realization that the event was over set upon us as it was time to say goodbye to some of the best people I’d ever had the pleasure to be in company of. We’d spoken so much and did so many crazy things. We took pictures all over the place. Being an architecture student, I had them stand underneath every chandelier and before every intricate painting or figure until my cab arrived and it was time to bid farewell.

@BadmashFRQ , @musedcynosure , @preethivenugopal and I left together. Excited as I was I followed the boys to the underground parking forgetting that my cab was waiting outside. I had to run up again. God, one crazy experience. And thank you, IndiBlogger and ASUS for everything. Great Meet. Everything was flawless and fun!

@badmashFRQ and Me
@badmashFRQ and Me

Thank you to all the amazing bloggers who took the time to introduce themselves to me and bear my company. Haha! Hope to see you all soon, again. And of course, there is IndiBlogger where you can reach me anytime. Arrividerci. To a great night and amazing organizers!


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