My Book Release : Memoirs of The Illustrious Interviewer

So just in case you didn’t know, I pseudo-awesomely worked with People Magazine and Popsugar for two years. And today being the last year of my contract, I decided I’ll publish my Memoir that consists of some of their best posts which I contributed. But who reads the writer’s name anyway, yes? Regret not being my best friend? You must.

Anyway, so a quick prologue-atory-poem and some Chapters from my book which will be published by Harper-Collins, soon. I have all the copyrights to my articles. As the 365 days clause is over.

I’m the kind of person,

who would find her roomie’s

lost Gucci watch

and demand a treat

if she wants it back.

I tear open a packet of wafers

by stabbing it with a fork.

I enjoy sarcastic comedy

and dish it on anyone

who stares at my bohemian

ways of dressing

and barbarian ways of


I’m just bull-shitting you guys. The truth is, we are having submissions and so I get all these whacked- out ideas that I want to write about and Sunday afternoons which I spend unproductively screw my mojo up. And you silent guys are not helping. Why can’t my blog be like Julia from Julie and Julia or that chic in Awkward (serial) or even hellogiggles ?

No, I’m not having a bad-hair-day. Only people with great hair get to use that term, in the first place. I have an absolutely unsolvable love for Brooklyn 99. I secretly wish i could turn time a few years back, get famous enough to chill with Andy Samberg and be HIS wife so I can feature in pictures like THIS:

images (4)

Thta pretty lady is Joanna Newsom. A singer-songwriter…artsy types. I first heard her voice on Youtube and got scared. Then when I digged deeper, her songs are deep. Gutsy Unpretentious and she has a charm about herself. I get you, Samberg.

Then, the London Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aka Million-dollar-bra-made-for-women-or-WivesWithHusbands-owning-Fortune500-companies-or-actors-or-just-rich-people. But I do love Kloss. I did not know shit about this. I thought Victoria Beckham owned this? Didn’t you think so, too? Anyway my roommate introduced me to Cara Delavingne and after that everything in my I-Hate-Te-Pretentious-Fashionista-Life-Ideology, downhill. Why?

0232aa0669d5346a95bdd44f8f99f769 a1d22c365aa281299568f983e992df4d downloadimages (6)


Because Klos is amazing. Shush.

Then Joanna Newsom’s song : The Book of Right On is addictive.

Have a busy week ahead. My parents anniversary on Tuesday. My birthday in exactly 30 days. Presents can be sent as gracious vouchers from Flipkart or Amazon. Or you could leave a message. Or think of me when you pray. Or include me in your dedication. Or Acknowledgements. Anyway.


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