Desperate words.

Life is.

Everything hanging out in a random box, unintentionally,  piling up day after day.

Some useful. Some morose.  Some dumped-in because they don’t fit in…perhaps because they are broken or mismatched.
Some just waiting to get noticed because you put them in there in your cleaning spree with NO FORETHOUGHT and now are looking for it everywhere.
Will you find it? Yet, its still there.
Life can be a mess or organised as Cara Delevigne ‘s vanity-box or Bob Borson ‘s architecture blog.
Or just be beautiful, frank and yet original like Anh Duongart ‘s self-portraits.


You jut have to live it to solve the puzzle. Embrace the madness. Be open to possibilities and risk.  Push yourself. Find yourself. Let go. Repeat!

Hold the tension like a Violin String and make something beautiful! (Julie Bernstein)

Get wounded. Accept loss. Cry. Throw Up. Fall down. Tear. Bleed. Burn. Cry again. Let guilt poke you. Sorrow sting you. Because its okay. And you’ll heal.


Joel Meyerowitz says, “Time is unstoppable. Nature as time erases the wounds. Transforms the event as it goes further away.”
Pick up the pieces, make something new. Its all just lying there for you to see.
Passionate optimism.

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