Customised Playlist : New Beginning

Lately, music has been a driving factor in my life. Be it happiness, frustration (when I got soaked by drainage water; my A-key is almost jammed, etc)

It keeps us running or its the enriching factor. Trust me, I’ve got background music running all the time in my head for all types of situations. Even when girls are cat fighting in the dorm bathing-cubicles, ‘No, I came first!’.

Sometimes, when I get new songs I actually take off on bathroom/coffee breaks from class to listen to the peace. Oh and listening while walking is heaven. I bought new earphones with my first writing-pay. So you can imagine. Anyway, enjoy.

The following list…no real order actually, they re all so fly. I hope you enjoy it. No, it’s not teenage dumb-shit. It’s good music. For people from all walks of life.

1. Hero – Family Of The Year

Love the music and the lyrics just fall in place. It speaks of all our dreams and the need for us to be free. ‘Your masquerade, I don’t wanna be a part of your parade. Everyone deserves a chance to walk with everyone else.’

2.A Girl, A Boy and A Graveyard – Jeremy Messersmith

Mellow, beautiful. Deep. It’ll get onto your lips in no time. Good vocals, too.

3. Superheroes – The Script

I’ve missed this band. But they’re back with a powerful, lively and balld-like song. Heart of Steel. Phrases like that. Energetic. Workout or productivity issues? Use this one.

‘Coz’ you’re stronger than you think. A heart of steel begins to grow.’

‘Every day, every hour, turn the pain into power.’

4. A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

This album was  change to their usual style. Mixed bag. But this song just lights up everything in your soul. Chris’s own recovery is felt. Or maybe its just me.

5.All Eyes On You – St. Lucia

New age music on the go. Perfect beats.

‘I will always stand-by, not in the shelf’

6.All of Me – John Legend

His voice is gold. The music video is going to be one of those evergreen-all-time favourites. You can never get tired of this. Beautiful lyrics. Tears your soul apart.

‘All of me loves all of you Love your curves and edges. Love your perfect imperfections’

And yes, That does not sound the least bit cheesy. Absolute favourite. It melts me. And of you sing it/ dedicate it to someone, you’re gonna sweep them right off their feet alright.

7.Am I Wrong- Nico and Vinz

No time to feel down. This song is gonna smack you nd wake you up from the pit hole you think you’re in.

‘So am I wrong for thinking we could be something for real.

Now am I wrong for trying to reach for thing I cant see?’

8. All of The Stars

I hardly think any other song could complement The Fault In Our Stars better. Touching. Beautiful. If I could, I’f hug Ed Sheeran. Lovely vocals, amazing song.

‘And I know these scars will bleed but both of our hearts believe all of these stars will guide us…’

9. Angel -Jack Johnson

The guitar and the guy. God, lovely music. Deliberately slow so that the lyrics get absorbed into your cortex and make you feel beautiful.

‘She gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home.’

10. Animals – Maroon 5

Adam Levine makes you feel things with that voice of his. He’s got you alright. Ver catchy and makes you dance. Upbeat. I just go crazy. Hot, hot, hot.

‘You can pretend its meant to be, you can’t stay away from me.’

11.Bad Girl aka Tera Naam Japdan Phiran -Waseem Stark ft Mickey Singh’

A playlist by an Indian without a Punjabi song is just SO Wanna-be Firangi.You have to be a saint to not start dancing as soon as this plays. It’ll bring out the crziest moves. Burrrrrah! Dance, dance! Lose yourself to Punjabi music with electro beats if you’re into it. Cannot forget Superwoman ( @iisuperwomanii) dancing to this one dressed up as  guy XD

‘Tere naam toh sdke main jaawaan.’ 

12. Badra Bahaar – Amit Trivedi (Queen OST)

Lovely lyrics. Just amazing. I’ll trnslate it for you if you don’t get it Lovely lyrics by Amit. And highly catchy. Perfect for an awesome movie like Queen. Hindi nahi aata? No problem. Listen to it, anyway.

13. Flaws- Bastille

For the lyrics and because this band is great. Face it, you love them, too.

‘There’s a hole in my soul. I can’t fill it!’

14.Black Widow – Iggy Azzalea ft Ariana Grande

Don’t deny it. You’ll resist it if you’re not into this kinda music. Do not resist. Let it take over. The beats are to die for. And Iggy is awesome, really. Good break-up song, haha.

15. Blood Like Lemonade- Morcheeba

Will remind of popular bands of yesteryear. Catchy. Soulful. Great vocals.

16.Bore Bore – Bluffmaster OST

Old bollywood song. Arabic. And catchy as crazy. You’ll find yourself dancing. Bet! One of my friends actually learnt the Arabic part unlike the rest of us who just bbble shit when the part comes.

17. Break Free – Zedd ft Ariana Grande

Kinda EDM but Grande’s done a really neat job here. Dnace music and areobics. Also energetic and upbeat.

18. Butterfly – Jason  Mraz

You wan’t cheesy in the disguise of a magical voice? This is the song for it. Hehhe, Naughty at its best. Amazing vocals and lovely laid-back music. I’m not quoting it for obvious reasons.

19. Celebrate – MIKA

He makes me happy. This song makes me cartwheel in my head. Love it. So will you. Its the yearning 🙂

20. Chekele- Avial

It’s a band from Kerala. This song is in Malayalam. A language I’m yet to conquer completely. But you MUST listen to it for the Music. What amazing work. And if you understand, even better. Try it. A band with great talent.

21. Cool Kids- Echosmith

New type of music. A good listen.

22. Crossfire – Brandon Flowers

Do it for the lyrics. Amazing song.

‘We’re stuck in the crossfire between Heaven and Hell.’

So true.

Nice to play in parties, too.

23. Medicine 24. Youth – Daughter

Lovely album. And really good vocals. So is the music. Quality stuff.

25. Elephant 26. Mind Mischief – Tame Impala

What’ not to like? Crazy music in a good, good way. It’s my roomie’s ringtone. And you’ll love this.

26. Stay Hight – Tove Lo

Brek up song? Yes. Really good music? Yes. Catchy? Yes.

27.Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk version

I’ve got you on this. DP is irresistable. I’d kill to see the faces behind the robot. I’m going to Google them up NOW. Catchy, motivating.

28.Heard It On The Radio – The Bird and The Bee

Discovered this band recently. They do really good covers. You must check them out. This song i particularly like!

29. Into The Fire- 13 Senses

Evergreen on ll my lists. The music, the beats. I was mindeffed when I listened to it for the first time and there is a bag of nostalgia sticking to it. I absolutely want you to try it.

30. June 31. Keep You 32. When It’s Over 33. Take Me Away- Wild Belle

4! Yes, check them out if you’re into Music for the Independent Soul. Laid back and chill.

34. Lost Stars  35. Like  Fool – Keira Knightley

No, I’m not fooling around. She can sing and very well. All rounder Knightley. Be it theatre, films or songs. I love this song. And the lyrics.

‘Are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark’

36.Khul Kabhi – Arijit Singh- Haider OST

For the lyrics and music. Pure music. And takes you to just another dimensions.Beautiful.

37. Kiss From A Rose- Seal

Timeless music. Classic. You must listen to it if you haven’t already.

38. Maahi Ve 39. Patakha Guddi (Nooran Sisters) – A.R Rahman- Highway OST

What music, God. He’s a genius. Yes, the same guy who won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire for those who don’t know him well. For Indians, he’s magic. And this song comes from one of the best movies, ever. It’s about The Journey of a girl who gets kidnapped but that’s how she actually tastes freedom. And love. And Randeep Hooda. Oh God, it took me so much time to get over his rough handsomeness. Uncut Diamond.

Patakha Guddi is a must-listen.

39. Open – Rhye

Some more Indepent Soul Music. Beauty in music, my reader.

40. Rude – MAGIC

You will love this song, its so catchy. Sway to its beats.

41.Stay With Me 42. Latch – Sam Smith

To die-for vocals. Stay with me gives me goosebumps. That powerful. Latch has David Guetta getting you dancing. I love Sam Smith now.

43. Swing Lo Magellan

Old-timer’s. And sway-able. Background music to my mad life.

44. Trumpets- Jason Derulo

He’ll get you on your feet. Party music, yes. Gym, too. Enjoy it.

45. Tu Meri – Vishal Dadlani – Bang Bang OST

Refreshing music at its best. Beach party. Come, dance with me!

46. La La La – Shakira

Lazy people not dancing in the party? This will help. LET IT GO!

47. Blame- Calvin Harris ft John Newman

Beautiful. What lovely music.

48. You & Me- Disclosure

Something  new for me, too.

49.Your Love- Nicole Scherzinger


50. Tonight You Belong To Me – Eddie Vedder

Its a cover. And my roomie Rhea and I re obsessed with it. Pretty lyrics and what melody.

51. Wake Up Call -Maroon 5


52. RUBY -Kaise Chiefs

I bet you a 100 $ (no) tht you’ll start singing RUBY! RUBY! RUBY! when the chorus starts. I love it. Classic.

53. My Favourite Girl – The Hit Parade

Old-timer’s classic. If someone sang this for me, I’d melt like an ice lolly. What fun lyrics and music. Get it. Makes me smile like crazy. THIS is the song I want playing when Andy Samberg asks me out. (Unfortunately he’s almost a decade elder to me and probably married)

54. Yer Blues – Beatles

THIS is a Rhea-certified song. Classic, bitches.

55. Photogrph – Air

The video frees you. And the music wakes you up in a submliml way.

56. (BONUS )

Suga Suga- Baby Bash

It’s our guilty pleasure, sing-along song. Yes, reminds us of Blue and all those mellow and catchy pop bands.

57. (BONUS) Come As You Are – NIRVANA

Because we love him and Nirvana. How could someone possibly be so deep and good-looking. Those casual blonde strands dancing when he sang, shaking his head.

58. Shake It Off- Taylor Swift

Are you seriously not enjoying this?

59. You Know I’m No Good- Amy Winehouse

We love her.

I jope you liked this.


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