Gentle Reminder

Hey folks,

Into the Wild; my laziness towards writing and sketching and well, a few other not-so-important-yet-I-gave-it-importance things led me into deciding that…no more social networking on my phone. I don’t need it. I will request my class buds to text me if there’s anything important and I’ll call if I’m dying to talk to someone.

And I’ll spend more time writing rather than uploading statuses.

I’m just trying this. I;m not saying its going to work or I’ll make it work. I’m just giving this a go. One needs to keep up with oneself. And lately I’ve been experiencing thi eternal unrest which needs to be inked. And other pent up emotions and frills have diluted my resolve.

By the way, its rainingbeautifully outside and Rhea’s turned off the fan because its getting a little chilly in here. 

Well, the rains always add up to my good mood. So do guitar strings, camphor, incense and my sister. Did I mention the smell of old paper and chocolates?


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