The Study Tour 2.0

Just about 6 hours left for the journey to begin and my hair is all oiled and tied into a knot behind my head with a clutch-er. There’s this turmeric thing I’ve put on my face. Still, trying to get rid of the Andaman tan. I’ll leave the rusty-brown look to the foreigners who enjoy sunbathing at seashores. As for me, my stuff is packed. It took me. like. ten minutes to make that list after my friends started sending me theirs through snapchat. I had to buy a few things and go to the parlor, once that was done, the packing was done in a jiffy. Its not an extravaganza…more like an educational trip with a hectic schedule. Covering 6 cities in half a month. So I’m not carrying the leather boots or the marie claire. Just the walking slip-ons and slippers. And a bunch of comfortable and breezy clothes with a  few pair of sturdy jeans. Not going to create a hullabaloo there and travelling light with all the essentials is such a a blessing, trust me. And there’s gonna be so much yummy food, amazing places, people. old friends, shopping and experiences to look foward to that I don’t wanna weigh myself down with that one suitcase that dragged me instead.

I’m sure going to miss my room, here because lately I’ve been in a very happy place with my best friend as my roomie and so much fun she is. Its almost like we don’t live in a hostel with curfew and everything. She’s also promised a travel playlist. 

I’m going to NOT get any more artificial dopamine high. I’d instead see the places and experience them in person. I hope my whims don’t carry me away and my health supports me in my little endeavor. Last time, it was Kerala and I did have quite a nice time with my seniors. Amazing places. Oh, Matancherry is still stuck in my head. 

This time its Chandigarh with all its Corbusier planning, Amritsar with the Golden Temple, Dilli…meri jaan…so many memories from when we lived here back then when I was in Middle School, Jaipur and Udaipur which are almost home and there I plan to meet my best friend from school, Agra with the Taj and another dear friend from college and lastly Ahmadabad with Doshi’s Sangath and Sabarmati Ashram, Baolis and what-not.

I’m going to update you guys throughout the trip so you don’t miss out on any of the one.



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