Flawless or Not.

Photo: Happy 50th to Sandra Bullock.

Just too many times in a day we find ourselves pointing out flaws in others or ourselves. And it eats up at our reserves like nobody’s business. Now our energy is not like the cash in our wallets for us to actually realize how much of it we spend, where. What I mean is, we cannot really measure it all the time. We just waste it upon unnecessary obsessions and thoughts.

Be it tweets, status updates or captions…I find this collective sadness taking roots in everybody’s lives. One thing my Mother once said to me (when I was moping about my many troubles, haha) was:

We often don’t understand the difference between being in trouble and feeling troubled. Trouble itself can be simply set aside from our mind-track and we can make an attempt to rise above it and feel happy.

When we voluntarily choose to stay in that condition and feel angry, dissatisfied, unhappy, betrayed or whatever it is…we just manifest more of it and end up at a worse pedestal. Just set it aside and think around it. If its a solution you’re searching for, it’s probably just hanging there with your name written on a board, waiting to receive you. But instead of getting down the escalator and walking to the lobby with the luggage in your mind-airport, you decide to jump out of the window, instead. Boom.

Anger is a bitch. I couldn’t put it more subtly, I’m sorry. Somber and delicate are not my consistent virtues, I’m afraid. I state it raw and honest, for y(our) own good. What it does is, it blows up things out of proportions ….all in our heads…make us dive into an ocean of self-pity and everything that follows is disastrous if we cannot find a way out of it.

I’ll give you a simple anecdote, true nevertheless. Today after my folks left for work, I was busy making aloo paranthas for my Grandpa and when I’m cooking, I’m all over the place. Searching masalas, fetching utensils, whisking dry flour all over the place and God-knows-what-all…the point is…I have a perfect recollection of where things are in the kitchen after I leave.

And after breakfast when I returned to put away the dishes, I noticed an alien bowl of snacks lying around. My maid was there. And I asked her, ‘Did Rhea (my younger sister) leave this here?’

And she replied instantaneously, ‘It must have been her.’

Sadly, I remember seeing the unopened packet just minutes ago and contemplating whether or not eating a bit of it will make any changes in the weighing scale. And my Sister is not the snack-binging types. Not early in the morning at least. That’s more like me.

It stings when people lie to you. But I kept quiet and left. I could have reprimanded (not really, I’m a gentle person to everyone but my little sister :p ) the maid but I knew that its her little granddaughter’s last day here (the kid had been roaming the halls earlier today) and so she must have given it to her. Some of you may say it was wrong of her to open a new packet of snacks and use it. Oh, if this were to happen in the Downton Abbey… Good Lord, haha.

Sorry, what I mean is…its really okay sometimes. I mean, its just snacks. And we can only hope that’s the last of things our dear lady enjoys. All I know is, she aids Mum in the morning when Mum has to make food for the entire family and pack lunches, get ready for work, herself et all. And if my blaming the maid leads to her not coming to work anymore, that would be a disaster. And for such a small issue. Just forget it, sometimes.

Okay so my anecdote turned into a short story. The things is flaws are in all of us and we either fix them or live with them. Anger is a flaw, betrayal of trust is a flaw….actually their tendencies are. Not editing articles before publishing them, like me, is a major flaw. But you live with it if you don’t fix it.

So why not just make peace? Let go. Laugh at it and let it disappear. Be happy. Abundance is within your heart. You just have to make peace with yourself and your situations and love what is.

Arrividerci Amigos.

PS: Unruly mixing of languages is another mighty flaw. But that’s just me, *winks*



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