The Fault In Our Stars

As promised, here I am. As I write this, my mind is simultaneously trying to decide what today’s major topic (that could probably give you a buzz) should be. Whether to write about my recent love for Music for the Independent Soul or Shah Rukh Khan’s recent interview by Anupam Kher (whose work I love reading, myself) or about an impending trip to Andaman and my expectations from it (Summer love is definitely not one of them) or my recent experiments in the kitchen or Superwoman and Inkquisitive. Bah. 

Fault In Our Stars

If not twitter than the newspapers or some Nerdfighter in your neighborhood must have gushed to you about this or you may have read it on a Whatsapp status or seen it on a timeline. And wondering what this new ‘Okay? Okay.’ wave is all about. Well, if you do, kudos. And if you don’t….fret not.

So my school friends decided to have a little reunion which started with an early morning visit to the Marina Beach (longest beach in Asia) where we, besides clicking trillions of selfies as the trend is nowadays, had a crazy time playing with and in the water. I, for once, was not worried of drowning especially with my track record of being almost swallowed into the sea. Be it Mahabaliuram (Tamil Nadu) or Kovalam (Kerala). So you know why I’m a little apprehensive about the Andamans. Anyway, we did have a great time. Many sweet memories and good pictures. All was going well until the translucent crabs started appearing. After that it was all screaming and running. And rolling with laughter as we got attacked by sprinklers in the gardens.

Wet and sand-struck as we were, we decided to change and go for the Movies. Thankfully, my friend Jimmy, could get tickets for a Movie I was hankering to see since I first read John Green’s Paper Towns. My twitter feeds were flooded in praise of the movie and so was my weheartit and tumblr. And so, we went.


This is not your cliched romance flick. Nor the sob-sob flick. This is a gutsy, ironic, mad, beautiful and heart warming movie about two survivors and their respective battles in life and how they find each other and transform each other’s life. And oh Good Lord, none of those words can do justice to what I want to say.

Hazel Grace meets Gus at this Cancer-Survival Group that’s somewhat like a drug-rehab or Alcoholics Anonymous group. He’s down the moment their eyes meet. And he won’t stop looking at her. He doesn’t see her like the others do. He catches her attention with almost everything he did and oh, did he have peculiar antics. He’d press an unlit cigarette between his lips and act casually.

 “Its a metaphor, see: you put the killing thing right between your teeth but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.”

One thing leads to another and they start exchanging music and books. A certain book that she’d asked him to read gets them both going crazy about it until they decide to go to Amsterdam to meet the Author to find out what happens to the character in the end as it’s ended abruptly. And their genies allow them to do so. The point is, their magical visit brings them closer. Until soon its time to say Good bye forever. But who says it to whom? 

Gus brought hope to Hazel’s life while she transformed his by making him realize what really matters.

The story shows you how fragile we all really are and what we choose to believe. What really matters and what we are running behind. And how beautiful and selfless love can really be without the mushy stuff that we are so used to reading and watching. 

Gus even has the cheek to make Hazel write a Eulogy for her. He is simply a honey-bear I’d hug if I ever found someone in real life. So much of cheer and hope…enough to free Hazel of her inhibitions. Charming.

The pain of letting go. The pain of accepting. The pain of love, in a way, as never explained before.

Personally, its shown me the depth of a relationship and what one should yearn for, in terms of love. So subtly, through jokes, anecdotes and simple gestures Green’s taught us all what we are capable of experiencing and expressing. An the beauty of it all.

This movie will leave you rethinking your relationships and probably your entire your life, if you allow it. And yes, the music is amazing. And so is the acting. Real mellow with worthwhile comedy and heart-breaking scenes.




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