The heat and sultry weather are two things Chennai assures you the moment you step into the city (Or out of the train/plane/bus/ship) but its Home to me, in a way and thus I actually said the words, ‘Mummy, I’m embracing the heat,’…much to her puzzlement as to what had gotten into me in the 6 hour-train journey from Bangalore to Namma Chennai.

To my misfortune, I was wearing a black puma hoodie and black pants (Bangalore Junction Station at 6AM is kinda chilly, you see) and the heat wave just caught me off-guard as soon as the Paati-ma (Old Lady/ Grandma) opened the train door.

Why? Just for some extra treat for your grey matter. I was wondering if they have a term for the door in trains. Apparently not. If I’m wrong, please do let me know.

I had to lug my suitcase (filled with books, I may add) upstairs…like some 3 flights of staircase…not cool and finally we reached the car. Okay no more travel details.

So basically the past two weeks have been pretty mundane. Of course, I’m relieved and relaxed now that I have no deadlines and cut-throat issues to deal with. But, staying at home has its own challenges. Especially if you’re a hostler and are too used to the ways of life of a single-roomer-dorm-student. Because folks like us have the dual benefit of privacy in a single room and all the hostel fun outside that door within the building with our friends. So, no eyes glued to any kind of gadget; no pajamas during the day, no-pant casual strolls within the room is banned, no late-nigh frolic, no secret hostel fun, no staying-without-showering; no skipping healthy-boring-food; no-watching-Korean-drama-endlessly; no-talking-in-geeky-GoT-Sherlock-Arrow-HOUSE-lingo and no walking around the place in socks and littering. On the brighter side…abundant funding, television, home cooked food, old friends (scanty this season because their college reopened); kids all over the place; liberty to experiment in the kitchen etc come with the word Home.

And then you get to tag along to high-teas, dine-outs at posh places and unlimited KFC (in my case none of the foodie privileges apply because I’m supposedly cutting-back).

Experimenting with vegan cooking and loving it. Made amazing sauteed soya chunks with onions and blah-blah for lunch the other day and it was so damn good you won’t believe me. But you must. I’m leaving you no option there. Started using this multi-grain bread with the grains actually sprouting out of it…flax and god-knows-what-seeds just stick out of the crust but it tastes palatable when toasted. 

Also Dosas (south-Indian Ground-rice-batter-fermented-with-a-pinch-of-salt) turn out crispy without the extra teaspoons-full of oil if your tawa or non-stick pan is hot enough (not to char it ,though)

My reading is going pretty well. You’d expect I’d say I’ve finally started Dickinson or Wodehouse but I meant I’m back on the Heroes of Olympus – Rick Riordan Series. Now, I’ve been following that Percy lad for far too long to just let the sequels disappear from my to-read list so I’m back o it after a hiatus of 3 years. Mark of Athena- half way through. Need to know how they put Mother Gaea back to sleep.

Also some other meaningful reading going on. And what else? I’m just waiting to clear up this attic of a brain of mine so I can begin something serious before its too late. 

Well, that’s that. Time to pack up and sleep. yet another Home thing this early-to-bed-early-to-rise thing is.







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