Rain. Leaks. Exams

It’s been raining cats and dogs since the past two hours with those perfect thunder and lightening effects. I feel like I’m in Forks like Bella in Twilight. Only, I had wished for this when I was in ninth grade and not when I live in an east-facing room, with windows sans sunshades and more than 3/4th of my belongings on the floor (either arranged or strewn over) where water easily reaches. I do enjoy rains and it’s paraphernalia but now I’m squeezing cloth into niches where water seeps in. I feel so nomadic, right now. Cave men had better damp-roofing, trust me. Whoever designed this building, you need to go back to your second year in Architecture, yo.

Anyway, enough with the rants. Vacations have begun…the preparatory holidays, to be exact  and exams begin on 7th June. So yeah, I won’t be posting much. But stay in touch nevertheless. Exciting stuff awaits me post exams. So hang in there.

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