Last Day of The Semester


As I type this, I begin to realize that I’m half an Architect (if that’s possible) considering the fact that two out of my four years of B. Arch are over. Did it reel past too fast? Oh, yes, it did. I can’t believe that it’s been two years since I moved to SIT…leaving behind everything that made Chennai my Golden City. What began as an experiment has now turned into a journey. And its taken roots so deep, that I can almost see what I wan’t in life and what I’m doing right now, will take me there. This certainty in life is the motivator when times get hard.

But this semester was a long one which challenges aplenty, a lot of tours and site-visits making it all the more exciting. I guess, second year teaches you a lot Even though you feel you absorbed more in First Year, the truth is that the Second Year deepens all those horizons you grasped in your first. And the deeper you dig, the better. Do not leave opportunities to absorb and create. By the end of the year, you begin to realize what you’re good at and what you need to change about the way you deal with things (or you’re still confused, its okay). And that’s a good thing, too. Nothing’s better than self-assessment as its honest, no prejudices and excuses because you know who you are devoid of preconceived notions and inhibitions.

Take suggestions and crits from people who are sound at their craft, seriously. And learn to accept with reason. Do not keep arguing without thinking it through. Sometimes words have underlying meanings or the other person’s perception is different than yours. Also, don’t take every comment upon your heart and change what you’ve done. Be rational.

Alchemy- Above and Beyond is playing in the background. I just recently discovered the amazing music it or they have to offer. Why the confusion? Initially I thought Bastille was a Band but its a one-man show like Owl City and both of them make pretty good music. Besides youtube, research and other educative thingies, I’ve been putting my 3GB of 2G internet (hotspot via my phone) to very good use by constantly updating my playlist.

Being an Architecture student (or any other degree for that matter), music really sets the mood. There’s a playlist for workouts, songs for peace; songs for when I feel like breaking stuff, playlists for my Room Cleaning (oh, the tyranny), for design; for staying up all night; for parties; for joblessness; for reading; for art; for staring outside the window and just about everything we do. I don’t care if music is playing or not, when I’m eating. Food’s awesomeness is par excellence, I’m sorry.

Class is at 2:00pm and tomorrow we have this huge-o-mania submission which I’ll scale as 6/10 in my load meter and 8/10 in gravity meter. The load meter is the amount of work to be done and gravity is its importance to my grade point. So, yeah, its our final internal review and they have high expectations when it comes to presentation and clarity of ideas. Both of which require time (to prepare).

Its funny how I entered Architecture. Well, most Architects have these amazing back-stories of as to how they stumbled into the profession if they were not Naturals who always knew their Calling.

Its the last day, so its expected of me to dress up for the occasion but all I can think of, is what will happen tomorrow. And after that we are free until our practicals which are a fateful three days way. So, um, yeah.

Time to get ready and start working instead of whiling away time by tracing the path the sun takes with my eyes, until its lost from my field of vision.



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