Why Nincompoops Are Necessary.


I know, I know…I’m labeling a person and that is something we should not do… so I’m going to make amends and call them people-who-can-be-obnoxious-at-times. Justified? Many a times we come across these amazing people who faithfully become a hurdle to your path to a more elevated state of being. It could be a weird ex, grumpy family members, friends with mood disorders, neighbors whose taps leak, acquaintances whose nose sits in your living room…so I broadly categorized them as nincompoops who know naught what they’re doing, but self-righteously believe that they have a say in your matters because they care (read jobless).

The truth is, you have enough people who’ve got your back and you don’t need to add more people to the list. You’re not here to please everyone. Oh, no, that’s a herculean task and I’d leave that to plastics (damn, I’m being judgmental). It’s not in your to-do list to make sure you stand up to everybody’s expectations.

There are certain genuine people in your life… like your closest buds who’d rather sit next to you and share a laugh, than a smoke at a tea-shop. And of course, needless to mention, your parents and siblings. If you’ve not already alienated them from your life, then trust me they are your foundation. You belong with them and nothing comes more naturally than loving and trusting them. So, don’t pay heed to road blocks and go to your close ones when in need.

Be social. Yes, don’t be that shady person who’s always up to his  or her own devices. Be the person people like to sit around and enjoy with. Be yourself.

Because only you know how awesome you are.

Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…. coming back to the subject. Ninnycompypoopies. Our amazing sugar cubes. These people have flaws and that’s what gave them this title in our head. I’m sure you already have a picture in your mind, don’t you? Trouble-makers in our peaceful existence. No, because we’ve still managed to call them a name, our journey is still is in the beginning stage and so we need to forgive and forget. Let go. But how? It’s not so easy when just a mere thought about them stirs up acid in your system.

The key is to accept who and what they are. And why we need to be thankful to them. Outrageous much?

Allow me.

Their understanding and thought process is pretty tight and narrow and that’s why they keep striking at us. It could be through stingy words, plain ignorance, sarcasm, comments, glares, actions…just about anything to upset us. And that’s why we don’t like them so much. I know we ain’t Buddhas, yet. So…we need to realize some basal facts.

Sometimes, the people who annoy us most share the same traits with us…and they are like a reflection of us. This happens in a lot of Mother-Daughter relationships or perhaps between siblings. You are so irrationally angry at them because they’re doing the same mistakes or something you do, too but you don’t realize. And you can’t help but take it all out on them I Hauling them over the coals I. So realize, if that’s the issue then you have to look, INWARDS. And fix what you think is wrong about yourself and the change will be reflected, soon.

Second, people with grudges against you. You might have broken their hearts (played with it, according to them) and so they are getting back at you by trying to get all lovey-dovey with your friends or foes (if you ever mentioned dislike against someone, they’re gonna get them) or simply act estranged and weird. That can annoy you because you’ve let go of your past and you don’t mind being friends, despite the drama. But hey, you need to know that they’re enjoying being in that pitiable state. And just because they’re hurting you it does not mean you kick them out. If they ever meant something to you, then you don’t stop being their friend. If everybody starts cutting ties because of the past, this world won’t remain such a nice place. Forgive. And sometimes you just need to be nice to them for others. Like mutual friends and everything, you know. So just do it. I’m not saying go polish their shoes, maintain the frequency and closeness to a safe levl. Just an all the best before exams is enough. If they still don’t bend, then God save them and you move on.

Always remember…no back logs and procrastination when it comes to people and feelings, yes?

As for the lay people who poke their nos in your business much too often…sweetheart, forget about it. Don’t think too much into it. Not your burden to bear. Just remember, this life is yours and you need to happy.

Nincompoops teach you what can go wrong in one’s perception. They show you what not to do and how not to do it.  They show you flaws that you yourself possess, at times. And they bring out the worst in you…they show you what you’ve been hiding deep within so you can clean it and throw it out of your system. They help you embrace your blemishes and put light on your demons. And we all need it. Its like scanning our conscience and putting it to a test. They are practical examples of what will happen if you can’t keep your nose in your business or can’t stop talking about others. They are pretty much asking for help with their behavior. If you’re in a position to help them, do it. But if you’re yourself in a fragile condition, then play cool. You do not wanna get wrapped up. Don’t despise them. Send love 🙂

Love and appreciate those who strive so hard to make your life easy…for me, its my parents. I’m reduced to tears every time I think about the amount of hard work they do just so I can study in a good place and type this article, even. The way they are ready to go months without unpaid holidays just so you guys can go on a family vacation once in year. When they take up extra hours, extra duties or study a new course just to make your life blissful. My God, we owe them so much and yet, we show them so little of our love. I only wish I could live with them and tell them this everyday but alas, I’ma reckless fool in the pursuit og the Greater Beyond just like a million of us. All I think is, someday when I’ve achieved my goal, I’ll tell them how proud they make me and how much I love them and that everything I do, in the end, is for them. But don’t wait too long.

Sometimes we ignore our closest friends because we were probably making new friends or partying with someone else. The guilt that follows us later on. Unbearable. Especially if the person is pissed and yet he or she talks to us because they love us. I know, we all make choices being in the moment that don’t always turn out alright. But its okay, we are Humans. Make up for it with your pal before the next weekend, at the max. People are not commodities. Remember that. Even if they are mad at you because of something you did. You owe it to them and so you apologize relentlessly and show them you care. Won’t you expect that of them if your places were switched?

All these thing I wrote, you already know. This is just a caring reminder. We are Humans on a journey to a better life. Together we help one another. I’m doing my part…or at least I think I am. Catch you later with some updates. Take care and love!

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