Depth is not some quality or talent that you can just learn up. There is either the seed of scope or the entire Knowing.

Its this inborn acceptance…a refined understanding of life and its ways…of people, of emotions and situations, both complex and simple. Its either inborn…an innate gift that some people have, or traces of it may touch you as you read deeper into life.

A person with Depth is not a know-all or Zen…like Buddha or Osho…no. A deep person loses control, has crises and fits of crazy passion just like everybody, but at the end of the day, he knows what happening and he is in control and realizes his position.

People live in this ulterior world, where everything is determined by prevailing emotions of that particular moment or hidden in the far future or laden with the drapes from the past. Depth is an aura that brings the Three together…like a triveni…and yet you’re not tied to any of them, you’re hovering above them. You’re a part of them in body and yet you are not involved in the motley because your conscience is above the worldly charades.

Image Image

To break it down, Depth is a conscious Knowing of How to Feel…how mere words (that don’t describe a situation or event) can shake the roots of your existence. Of how simple gestures can change what a  Person is. How one brief look into one’s eyes, a small gesture of courtesy, a little smile or kiss of wisdom can tie a person to your heartstrings and you to theirs.

You see through the facade…even if, a little late, sometimes. But you almost always do and you don’t regret it as it has just added to You and Your understanding. And that’s the acceptance part of it.

For some, its inborn…its always been part of their existence. And for some of us, its happened through experiences of extreme emotions, through Gratitude, through regret, remorse or hatred or jealousy. Whatever the trigger, it Changed us.And now there is no turning back.

Depth can either be a curse or a blessing of an unseen angel. You know everything, differently now. And it will haunt your thoughts and judgments.

The same people (as before) in your past now seem more ordinary to you. Except those tied with love and… the meaning of love, itself, has changed by multitudes. You feel like you’ll never be happy until you find your actual Calling. Mark Twain knew it.

But your transformed nature also gives you Patience and has endowed you with  tolerance to wait and perceive things in a different light. And persevere.

And that’s what Depth means to me.

You gotta go Inward to experience the Outer Space that was built for you 

Pharrel Williams


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