My Type

My Mother laughed at me and asked, ‘So what is your type?’. Without a moment’s delay I replied, ‘Someone like Neil Gaiman! Who is not afraid to dream or speak aloud, about his demons and antics. Someone who’ll listen to my dreams and stare at me with awe, under the stars, all night. Yes, that’s enough for me.’

Shreya Sudesh


I don’t usually type-ify people, afraid that its one of those things judgmental folk do. But then again isn’t calling them judgmental a judgment too? Well, I really don’t want to get to the bottom of that well (of thought).

The truth is, most of our judgments are usually based upon how that person treats us. And that’s why different people think of the same person differently. That’s my theory. And logic. So your deeds make you who you are for others. That writer guy in the library may be really talkative with me because he knows I’m a dealer of words as well but with others, he turns into an introvert and earned the silent tag. That’s how our mind works. We seem to categorize people so that we ourselves know who’s company we prefer and whom we’d like to spend more time with. Or less. And its true, birds of a feather, flock together. 

Though you may think the girl with the perfect her who is always giggling at her phone is the well, bitchy sorts. Her friend, who also enjoys what she does, would think she is amazing and they are meant for each other. So now, both are bitchy.

Damn I just realized I judged three hypothetical people already. I hope I survive the rest of the day without thinking too much into this

Just remember, accept people for who they really are. Do not always keep pushing them to change. Because you’re NOT Transforming their lives. You’re either just making them like yourself or being a Judge and turning them into your ideal type. And that’s not justified. Allow people to be free around yourself. Everyone deserves that much space and happiness. As long as you’re not choking the life out of someone with your attitude, its fine to be who you are. And as long as we can all be happy.