Hope from Another


Its just when I lose hope
That I see words written
by people so deep
and gifted, in their thought.

It makes me happy,
it gives me the strength
to battle the hurdles
that life throws at us.

To know that you’re
not alone with thoughts
that haunt the very depths
and recesses of your soul.

To know that you can
speak to another assured
that they Understand
your predicament.

That’s comraderie of thw
Finest kind in this Life.
An honor to walk amidst
such people, has been
Bestowed upon me ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank You Nitesh Mohanty , Neel Joshi, Zoyeb Batliwala, Prajakta Pande, Ihsan ( @iithinks)  for your words of inspiration and all the hope you give me. Baskets of Love !

love always,


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