The bright lights don’t matter
the hustle and bustle fades away
Concerns of the world disappear
When I return to my haunt.

Darkness captures my interest
and memories drown me
in them, with their tendrils
clutching my imagination.

I open my laptop trying
to find something to
bring me back to Happiness
A movie. Or a story.

Something that holds
a piece of my interest.
To remind me of what
makes me happy.

And then I see them.
Those who Know
and their searching eyes
as they Think like I do.

Of things which may or
may not exist at all.
But dance before my
eyes nevertheless.

Unrest is all we know
it keeps hacking at us
whenever we lay our
head down, to rest.

Its like a blob of
oil paint as it mixes into
a bowl of clear water,
my conscience.

It spirals out from
a tiny drop, slowly
spreading its immiscible
self evenly over Mine.

And soon I cannot help
but look from below,
through the water which
is covered by coloured film.

Clear skies now have a tinge
and mundane scripts now
have a Presence in them
that glows like a hologram.

Im the fish at the bottom
of the bowl of water,
the panorama is clear
but the skies are imprinted.

This difference is unique to me
and some others who have
given up the frivolity of existence
and decided to dive within.

And I learn through it,
I reflect upon
For what, I know naught
I continue, nevertheless.

Life is a tight-rope walk
Balancing the reality
and this hightened
consciousness in me.

Delusion or boon
thats the mystery
I shall have to let Time
solve, for me; my sanity.

love always,

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