We are absloute opposites
And this is no overstatement.
While she solves math aplenty
I write poems in her books.

While she prefers sleeping
I create a Hoolaballoo in
the house allowing her
not a wink of slumber.

While she listens to
conversations, silently.
I Am the Excessive Talker
Making her ears bleed.

She’s poise and reserved
with elegant gestures
While Im the hooligan who
just discovered sanity.

Though we hve different opinions
and live so far apart
not a person I love more
than that angel, back home.

Coz she knows my deepest
fears and craziest habits.
She’s seen me hyper
and dead at rockbottom.

And yet her love and respect
for me has never vained a bit.
And my heart grows fonder
of her, everyday.

God gives these lil sisters
to a chosen few barbarians
like myself, to love and protect
and learn from ๐Ÿ™‚

To Rhea, my darling sister, without you, I’m but a drum without the beat! I love you mostest, you genius. Thank you for keeping me sane and listening to all my dreams and delusions every singleday


love always,


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